Food: The Best Part of Your Stay

The Food at The Vine is amazing!

When I ask guests as they leave for feedback about their stay, two things are usually stated:

FIRST:  "You thought of everything!"

Our honest answer would have to be, "No, YOU thought of everything!".  For now almost seven years, whenever a guest checks out, we pepper them with questions.  "Tell us about your stay.  What could have been better?"  The answers we get from our guests give us the opportunity to know just one more thing that would make it a five star stay.  Then we go to work and add it.  Simple.  Well, I guess there was the time that someone suggested that we bring the Columbia River past the Mansion, and we drew the line on that one.  But other than a few requests like that, we had fun adding one more pleasant surprise to being a guest at Cameo Heights Mansion.

SECOND: "The food was amazing.  I ate Chef Nathan's brussels sprouts and I loved them!  And I hate brussels sprouts!  And that is the best breakfast I have ever had in my life!"

Well, one of the most enjoyable things I spoil myself once in a great while is to eat delicious food, albeit not always highly nutritious.  Yes, I eat my oatmeal every morning for breakfast, seldom eat red meat and skip dessert except on weekends.  But when I get away and have some time to just be pampered a bit, I am going to eat butter on my roll and order dessert.  I will worry about my diet again when I get home.  So part of creating a magical place for guests had to be delicious food if they were to feel truly spoiled.

When we started in 2007, I was the chef.  Breakfast and dinner.  I love cooking.  And though I have never had formal chef training, I had experienced amazing mentors in my life and cooking to me was an art.  I loved tasting something somewhere and then going home and creating it.  We had entertained weekly, having guests for dinner and so I felt fairly confident providing our guests with good food.

008.jpg.211x211_0_28_1652As our occupancy increased it was time to hand the job over.  In May 2009, we hired Chef Penny Addison.

Chef Penny's smoked prime rib chowder and halibut caprese will be long remembered by the guests who came to watch Penny at work in the kitchen and enjoy her great home-style cooking.

But in 2012, we decided it was time to bump it up another notch.


Chef Nathan CarlsonChef Nathan Carlson answered an ad on Craigslist and after we tasted his cooking, we had our new chef.  Chef Carlson brought the dining at The Vine to a whole new level.  Our five-star dining now matched our 5-star rooms.  Our most common phrase heard after dinner with Chef Nathan is "That is the best food I have ever tasted!"  He not only cooks all your food,but delivers it to your table and talks to you about the plates he presents. It is a culinary experience you cannot have anywhere else in the whole Northwest.

Every month his creations are paired with local wines and the result is amazing!

So when you book a room at Cameo Heights Mansion, make your dinner reservations early so you don't miss out on one of the best parts of your stay--The Food!