8 of the Best Walla Walla Restaurants

No vacation is complete without delicious dining!  If you’re visiting the fascinating of Walla Walla, WA, you’ll have a wide range of popular hotspots to choose from.  Check out 8 of the top Walla Walla restaurants to help you decide where to go first!

8 of the Best Walla Walla Restaurants

  1. The Vine at Cameo Heights Mansion

This is Washington’s food at its finest!  Not only will you be presented with an incredible meal here at The Vine, but you can also admire the breathtaking views of the Walla Walla River Valley while you eat!  Enjoy these mouthwatering meals inside the elegant decor of the restaurant or outside on the romantic patio.  

  1. The Marc Restaurant

With award-winning chefs and an exquisite environment, The Marc Restaurant serves some of the best cuisine in the state.  This classy restaurant specializes in preparing dishes made from the freshest local ingredients to provide all their guests with a wonderful dining experience.

  1. Whitehouse Crawford Restaurant

This historic restaurant creates a rustic setting for delectable dining in Walla Walla.  Located within an early 1900s mill, the Whitehouse Crawford Restaurant is unique due to its ever-changing menu, fantastic bartenders, and a dessert list that includes homemade ice cream!  

  1. Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen

If you have a more exotic palate, this is the perfect spot for you!  Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen in Walla Walla, WA, serves everything from Spanish pork to roasted lamb.  Make sure to ask for their drink recommendations; they offer a wide variety of enticing wines from all over the world (and even some from the heavenly Walla Walla wineries located nearby!).

  1. T Maccarone’s

Are you craving some authentic Italian?  T Maccarone’s has the ideal menu to satisfy your taste buds!  Choose from a range of Italian dishes, all artistically plated and made with ingredients obtained from local farms.

  1. Brasserie Four

This fascinating restaurant stands apart from others in Walla Walla as it combines art with dining!  With a French-themed menu and ambiance, Brasserie Four is a great place to have a heavenly meal while marveling at extraordinary art collections.  

  1. Graze

For a meal that’s both tasty and healthy, head to Graze for one of their deluxe sandwiches!  Open for both lunch and dinner, Graze serves both hot and cold sandwiches as well as soups, salads, and paninis.  

  1. Maple Counter Café

One of the best restaurants in Walla Walla, the Maple Counter Café provides a cozy nook to enjoy a hearty breakfast or wholesome lunch.  With handcrafted meals made from talented chefs and artisans, this spot is a must-see during your visit to Washington!

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