Here’s What You Need to Know About ArtWalla

An area rich in arts and culture, Walla Walla, Washington is well-known for colorful, creative community. You’ll find art everywhere here, whether it’s a vibrant mural splashed onto the side of a warehouse or a shop filled with carefully handcrafted gifts. With many wineries, art galleries, and much more, Walla Walla is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating vacation destinations. If you want to explore the abundant art of Walla Walla, one of the best places to do so is ArtWalla. This fantastic organization is fully dedicated to preserving and celebrating the arts in Walla Walla through events like the Walla Walla ArtWalk. Take a look at what the ArtWalla has to offer; you won’t want to skip this attraction while you’re spending time in Walla Walla, Washington.

Everything You Need to Know About ArtWalla

1. What Is ArtWalla?

ArtWalla is an organization that strives to support all kinds of arts in Walla Walla, including education, theater, public arts, concerts, dance performances, and much more. As a part of supporting local artists, ArtWalla hosts a variety of events to show off the skills and talents of their community.

2. What Are Some of the Best ArtWalla Events?

Come out and meet some of Walla Walla’s finest artists! The many events hosted by ArtWalla assist in introducing these amazing individuals to the surrounding community.

First Friday Art Tour: Take a stroll every first Friday of every month to see the latest and greatest artwork in Walla Walla! This Walla Walla ArtWalk walking tour features all kinds of artwork, from local to international.

ArtSquared Walla Walla: Held every year during the fall, ArtSquared Walla Walla is a spectacular showcase of incredible art. Food and drinks will be available to enhance your experience!

Monthly Events: ArtWalla throws some amazing events throughout the year in addition to their wonderful annual festivals! Stay up-to-date with their events calendar so you can attend events like art shows and openings, theater festivals, literature readings, concerts, and so much more. If you’re interested in learning an artistic skill or looking to sharpen your creative talents, ArtWalla also provides all kinds of art classes, from dancing to painting.

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