Wondering if we were open inspite of COVID-19? YES, we are!

No COVID-19 outdoors
Date of Update: 6 May 2020

Our Mansion is Your Mansion! We are now OPEN for business again.

Governor Inslee has determined that in our COVID-19 battle, hotels are essential businesses in the state of Washington. As such, though still part of a partially cloistered community, we are now open again. What makes us essential is not a question we often ask ourselves but I will supply an answer nonetheless. People need a safe place to go to get away from the stress and hyper-seclusion that have been a prominent part of their lives for nearly 2 months.

For example, guests coming in to stay with us the first night of reopening, May 5, said that they have been in virtual quarantine in their home for 5 weeks—have been nowhere for that length of time. It is their anniversary and they wanted and needed a safe getaway for a couple of nights. Perhaps someone with higher paygrade than ours has determined that such experiences, if carefully managed, can be essential activities.

So what makes our destination a safe getaway?

There are many things. Let me list a few:

      • Location: We are 25 miles away from everybody else—away from the hustle and bustle of cities, towns, congestion, people, and your essential business you own or work for, if you are lucky enough to have this privilege.
      • Sanitization: You have the assurance that while staying at Cameo Heights Mansion, you will experience a high level of sanitization to totally minimize the possibility of any spread of COVID-19 from staff to guest, guest to staff, and guest to guest. The hyperlink just provided is a reiteration of some of the steps we are taking to keep you safe from the virus.
      • UV lights wands: Since the publication of the hyperlinked procedures listed above, some things have been added. For instance, anything not washable or lending itself to being wiped or sprayed with a disinfectant, like a duvet cover on the triple sheeted bed, will be sanitized by UV light wands we have purchased just for this use.
      • Food service: For now during the COVID crises and the Washington Stay At Home Order, we not currently providing restaurant service to persons not staying at Cameo Heights. However, by arrangement with the Walla Walla health department, lodging guests will be given breakfast and dinner service in their suites or in a dining room with only you and your companion present. Dinners are served by masked attendants who leave the food on an adjacent table or outside the door of their suite to maintain a high level of social separation.
      • Sunny outdoor location: Our locations provides guests with abundant direct access to the open air. Nothing is safer from viral transmission than exposure to the sun and clean outdoor air. You have plenty of that at Cameo Heights Mansion. Even the patio has been enlarged to provide abundant separation of guests. Hikes through the orchard and adjacent vineyard can be integral features of every couple’s stay.
      • Chlorinated water in the spa and pool: Pool and spa water is calibrated with just the right amount of chlorination to remove any possibility of infection by the water.
      • Snacks are individually packaged and in-suite: Though there is currently no evidence that the virus spreads though food, snacks service at Cameo Heights are now individually packaged and placed in your suites by sanitized staff. Refrigerator and freezer items are also available in the hospitality suite.
      • Remote check-in. Check in procedure is near remote with virtually no touch points. Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign nothing. Sanitized keys will already be in your unlocked suite. You will find a check-in sheet inside your suite printed fresh for each guest providing you an orientation about your suite and all relevant aspects of your stay.
      • Texting for communication with guests: We plan to communicate with guests during their stay by messages to their phones. You call us—we don’t call you. You will have both Deanne’s and Alan’s phone numbers. However we won’t intrude on your privacy by calling you except in a rare case to arrange for your dinner or breakfast service.
      • Nearby location: Because of our close location to many of our regular customers, (more than ½ of our customer base is within 50 miles of our location) those so fortunate can easily drive here completely avoiding the congestion of airplanes and airports.
      • Social distancing is made easy: You will find oodles of space for social separation. The hotel is over 11,000 square feet inside, a spacious concrete patio frames the pool area, and the whole Walla Walla river valley and an organic orchard/vineyard provides the ambiance surrounding our Mansion. How much safer does it get? Locations for dining rooms will be your suites, the outside air, and three separate interior dining areas. No one will be dining near anyone else, except your immediate group you came here with.
      • Healthy staff only: Staff of Cameo Heights Mansion will have their temperatures taken at the beginning of each shift and sent home if their temperature is above normal. This information will be logged and kept on file. Employees are also required to stay home if they think they might have been exposed to someone with coronavirus, show any symptoms, have a cough, or feel sick in any way until they go three days with no symptoms. Staff and management are wearing masks while at work here at teh Mansion.
      • Healhy guests only: Although we do not think it is appropriate to check temperature of arriving guests, we are asking that guests will take their own temperature before they plan to arrive. We do want them to know that all standard cancellations procedures are on hold such that guests will be given a gift certificate to return again within one year with no cost or penalty for last minute cancellations if they do not feel well or personally record a higher than normal temperature.

If first closed for Covid-19, then why are we open now? 

Our avowed mission is to promote the emotional and physical health and wellbeing of our community by strengthening couples, and by extension, families. Beginning on March 16, we felt at the time that our mission was best served by closing.  During our shutdown, we and our communities have become better educated and prepared to deal with the required safety measures associated with coronavirus.  Now we feel confident that we can now serve our communities and fulfil our mission best by providing a safe getaway to healthy couples.

We will continue to follow the daily developments of the coronavirus situation and provide an update as to our procedures and practices whenever and as often as it seems appropriate.

Are you feeling a little unsettled with a booking you currently have at Cameo Heights in May or June 2020?


Are you afraid to book because of uncertainty of the future of COVID-19?

A discussion of the continuation of our greatly relaxed COVID-19 cancellation policy will provide confidence in holding or making new reservations in this period of hyper-uncertainty regarding all COVID-19 related issues.

In either scenario, whether making a new booking or wondering if you should keep an existing reservation, rest assured that we have your back. This very guest friendly cancellation policy will continue for at least the next two months (May & June) to provide full confidence in any booking at Cameo Heights Mansion. The following features and stipulations will apply:

  1. Please don’t ask or expect a refund of your non-refundable deposit or your full room payments. Truly we wish we could just refund your money but we can’t. This COVID-19 pandemic has wrought a major depletion of our cash reserves.
  2. We will however do the next best thing and issue gift certificates of credit for the full total of payments, including the non-refundable deposit applied to any booking.
  3. This gift certificate will be useable without blackout dates or restrictions as credit for any future stay at our resort hotel. It comes with a one year expiration date from the date of your cancelled booking.
  4. When you rebook your stay with the COVID-19 related gift certificate, we will waive the standard requirement that every replacement stay must include a nonrefundable deposit payment of $100.

Now with confidence book away!

Because of these very friendly cancellation terms, we hope to give you the confidence to book a stay at Cameo Heights Mansion with the full assurance that if the situation does not improve or deteriorates and you are not comfortable with a visit to our hotel, you will suffer no penalties or cancellation fees. You are the captain of your own boat and if you do not feel safe in a sea of worry and fear over contracting the virus, we will relieve you of that concern.

We will continue to follow the daily developments of the coronavirus situation and provide an update whenever it seems appropriate.

Warm regards,

Alan & Deanne Fielding
Proprietors of Cameo Heights Mansion

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