How to Have the Best Day at the Fiery Foods Festival in Pasco, WA!

A vacation to the state of Washington is guaranteed to be filled with entertainment!  From parks and hiking trails to art galleries and historic sites, this is a destination like no other.  If you’re visiting this area this fall, be sure to attend the Fiery Foods Festival in Pasco, WA!  You are bound to love what it has to offer.  Learn all about this event and mark your calendar today.

3 Things to Do to Have the Best Day at the Fiery Foods Festival in Pasco

1. Attend the Festival
Get an early start so you can spend as much time as possible at the beloved Fiery Foods Festival in Pasco, Washington!  The Fiery Foods Festival 2016 will be held on September 10th in downtown Pasco at 4th Avenue and Lewis Street.  This unique annual event focuses on celebrating different cultures by sharing a wide variety of delicious and exotic foods!  The day’s activities will include exciting competitions like the Food Truck Faceoff and a hot pepper eating contest.  Browse the many local vendors to see what products they’ve brought along to this year’s festival and purchase some of your favorite foods to take home with you!  In addition to these activities, there will also be live music performed throughout the day to enhance your experience in this friendly town.
2. Enjoy the Surrounding Attractions
Pasco, Washington, is a great place to explore!  A portion of the Tri-Cities region, this area contains numerous things to do and see.  Kayaking is one beloved pastime here, as this town is conveniently located along the Columbia River.  There are also numerous wineries located in this area, such as the gorgeous Gordon Estate in Pasco, WA.  The oldest vineyard in the entire state of Washington, this vineyards produces award-winning vines in a stunning and beautiful environment.  They also host fun events, like live music nights and wine tastings.  If you want to attend more events in this town, you should visit at the end of the week during a Food Truck Friday in Pasco!  Choose your dinner from a wide spectrum of different food creations, then stroll outside while enjoying the lovely weather and sounds of a live band.  There is so much to do around here, so make sure to see what else this area has to offer after attending the amazing Fiery Foods Festival in Pasco!
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