When asked, "How is marriage?", do you respond with an uncomfortably long pause?

How was your first year of Marriage?

Recently we asked a couple celebrating their 1st anniversary of marriage, “So how was your first year?” One of them simply replied with less emotion than I might have expected, “Well, it WAS the first year.”
So how is your marriage? Is your life experience as two richer than before you were married? If you can’t answer those questions immediately with an unambiguously positive response, then you might not be spending enough time courting and serving each other.

Marriage is not an automatic transformation!

If lived selfishly, marriage WILL BE tough. If life is shared unselfishlessly with the one you love, romance will flower and nothing can compare. But remember: unselfishness, kindness, gentleness, and a full measure of patience and longsuffering all will work magic on any relationship. An absence of these virtues will disrupt the happiness and fulfillment of it.

Take time to be get away and be alone together!

And don’t forget to take time together–away from the stresses of the home, finances, and the kids. Budget to splurge occasionally. Find a baby sitter and take a night or two away–just the two of you. Relax and unwind from pressure of family, running a home, and business and take pleasure anew in each other’s company.

So How is Your Marriage?

Then the next time someone asks, “So how is marriage?”, you will without hesitation respond, “Incredibly rewarding.” The positive affirmation to each other will itself be rewarding.