Our Proactive Response to Coronavirus: Social Distancing, Sanitization & Emergency Cancellation Policy

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First Published: March 7, 2020.
Update: January 27, 2021

Most current update:  June 28, 2021


June 30, 2021, Governor Inslee has just announced NO current restrictions still apply for all businesses in Washington State. Facial coverings are not required of folks who have been vaccinated.

Here at Cameo Heights Mansion, we are dedicated to protecting your health and safety.

We have always been very careful to follow meticulous cleaning and sanitizing procedures to safeguard our guests’ comfort, safety, and well-being while they vacation with us. We will continue to perform normal meticulous procedures of cleansing and sanitization as we go forward into a new era.

Our business thrived in spite of COVID precautions: 

We have been open since May 5, 2021 throughout the pandemic. We have had NO incidents of either guests coming to work sick or guests either showing up with COVID symptoms or going back home infected.  Of course, some of that is just luck. COVID may strike anywhere. Therefore good luck was NOT our game plan. We were driven to do all possible to protect the wellbeing of our guests and our employees throughout the past 14 months. We followed all mandated regulations and took many extra steps to minimize your exposure to COVID when you stay with us.

We are beyond thankful and grateful for so many who trusted us enough to come to Cameo Heights Mansion and The Vine Fine Dining this past year, inspite of the crippling pandemic. You kept our business alive.  AND your words and reactions during your stays have persuaded us that your decision to stay with us rejuvinated your spirits and provided the catalyst and setting to keep the essential romance alive in your marriages. This turned out to be so essential given the painful consequences upon our homes and communities of the more than a year-long pandemic that is finally seeing a measure of recession.  Thank God that it is almost over! 

Warm regards,

Alan & Deanne Fielding
Proprietors of Cameo Heights Mansion

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