Be a Cameo Heights Mansion Snowbird. We often have great winter weather. Occasionally, through the winter, even the grass stays green. The weather predictions are for a warmer than normal winter. At Cameo Heights Mansion with cozy and luxurious suites, romantic gas fireplaces, air-jetted tubs, a theatre room supplied with freshly popped corn, snacks and drinks (all free of course), even a little snow creates a very pleasant backdrop for your romantic getaway at our highly acclaimed resort.

JANUARY CHM Guaranteed Snowbird Getaways:


  • No Cancellation Penalty
  • Deposit payment of $100 is refundable.
  • Final room payment-one-day-out is also refundable if the weather suddenly turns inclement






For the month of January, even with our lowest rates of the year, our cancellation policy is completely waived. If it turns out that the weather on the day of your expected arrival is not good, resulting in dangerous conditions for travel, you can cancel and pay NOTHING—no cancellation penalty, thus any and all payments against your stay will be promptly refunded.


The winter weather risk will be all ours. For those residing nearby, booking Cameo Heights Mansion and making your winter getaway destination closer to home, avoids the chance of annoying airport delays with ice on planes and runways and the inevitable missed flights and connections, not to mention dangerous travel on the roads to and from the airports. If you don’t like the weather, simply call and cancel.

And for those coming from further away, if your arrival here is determined to be an unreasonable risk, you will incur no loss from us. When you call with weather-related concerns, we will cancel all your arrangements with us, notwithstanding our normal cancellation policy. All payments for cancellations due to adverse weather will be promptly refunded.



This guaranteed getaway with the waived cancellation policy is valid only for the month of January. Cancellations for reasons other than bad weather will follow our normal policy.