Guided Walla Walla Winery Tour – with Picnic Lunch

Experience Walla Walla wines in the comfort and luxury of a limousine.

Why do a guided tour? Here are a few reasons:

  • We help you discover which wineries to visit. There are over 130 wineries in the valley. We know the ones which seem to provide the greatest satisfaction to our guests depending upon the kinds of wines you are looking for.
  • You don’t spend valuable time looking for the winery. Your focus will be upon the experience, not the navigation, while you ride in style and comfort.
  • We make all the arrangements and appointments and in some cases even have tickets for free tastings.
  • AND the biggest reason: You have the peace of mind knowing that you are able to sample freely the wines without the worry of driving irresponsibly afterward.

Cameo Heights Mansion Stretch Limo InteriorOur wine tour package includes the following:

  • 4 hour Wine Tour in our luxurious stretched Lincoln Continental Town Car to a select group of a few of the best wineries in Walla Walla. We will visit as many as your 4 hours of allotted time allows.
  • Picnic lunch for two provided by Cameo Heights Mansion.
  • Taste and savor the wines with abandon. You travel with the safety of a designated driver!
  • You may extend the tour at the rate of $79 / hour or any proportion thereof. We give you a grace period of 15 minutes.
  • Price is for one couple. (Rate increases by $10 / hour for up to 3 couples, and $20 / hour when your group size is 4 couples.)

Cost: $351

When you go to check out, add this special to your reservation when selecting your room


Available for groups!

If you are signing up as a group, call us first because you will save lots of money when you go as a group. The car can be shared with 4 couples. This package price is for 1 couple. If your group includes 2 couples, the price is only $40 more. If your group is 3-4 couples, the price is $80 more. Picnic lunch can be added for each couple for $35/couple.