BYOBW–Blend Your Own Bottle of Wine at Northstar Winery

Tour beautiful wineries and apply creativity to your next bottle of wine. Not only is this a fun wine experience but you get to do it with a friend or loved one. Enjoy a wine tour, picnic for two, and blend your new favorite wine.

Here are the items in the package:

  • 90 Minute Wine Blending experience for two at Northstar Winery where each guest blends from several varietals their own exclusive bottle of wine.
  • Four Hour Tour of 1-2 of the Best Wineries of Walla Walla (besides Northstar).
  • Picnic lunch for two.

(PLEASE NOTE: The number of wineries you can visit is entirely dependent upon how long the wine blending experience at Northstar takes and any other wine tasting visits you may make. Northstar’s experience will usually vary from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.  Drive time from Cameo Heights Mansion to Northstar is about 70 minutes. We will not rush your group to stay on a schedule unless we have set other appointments that you want us to make for you.  We have priced this package with an allotment of 4 hours but since we exercise any control over the length of the guest’s experience at each winery or even less at Northstar, this numbers are estimaes only. You will be purchasing an experience of approximately 4 hours. If it goes more than 4 hours, we reserve the right to charge our normal hourly shuttle rate ($65/hr for a party of 2 persons) for any hours, or fractions thereof, over 4 hours. If you are planning on booking this packages for a group, please call to book this package as you can share the shuttle expense for groups up to 8 people with a slight adjustment of $32 per each participating couple.) 


If you are booking online, please add it to the reservation and you will be registered in for a very passionate experience.

Cost for the whole package: $465 (based upon an estimated 4 hour experience.)

(This price does not include service and dining gratuities or Washington State sales tax.)

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