Winter Weekday Rates

Winter prices for weekday nights in November – March are $40 lower than the summer peak season rates. When you make a reservation online, the discounted rate will already show–so no need to worry about booking at a higher rate. You can even use Costco gift certificates or other discounted gift certificates for these published low rack rates. Anybody who books online gets the already reduced winter rates (please see the note at the bottom.) These rates are effective for the months of November 2016 – mid-March 2017, except during national holidays like Christmas Holidays (Dec 24-Jan 2), Thanksgiving Day, and Valentine’s day.

Summary of Winter Weekday Discounts:

The first rate represents the mid-summer Weekday  (Sunday through Thursday) rate and the lower rate is the winter Weekday rate.

Weekend prices (Friday & Saturday) are $40 less in November through February than July & August. This makes the winter weekday prices $50 less than the Friday-Saturday winter weekend rates.

Other Discounts: Occasionally we also offer other exciting winter discounts in addition to these rack rate discounts.  They are not usually posted on the website but will always be advertised on Facebook.  You will need to call and give us the code provided on our Facebook page WHEN you book to get those discounts. We generally do not accept discounted gift certificates, such as those sold in Costco, for these more significant discounted prices advertised only on Facebook.


PLEASE NOTE:  We use a dynamic pricing model which means that prices on a given day may vary from these numbers based upon the occupancy for that given day. Higher room occupancies will generally create a higher price for remaining rooms. To be guaranteed these rates, you should book your room several weeks or months in advance of your planned arrival date.