Fun Things to Do at the Mansion

The grounds and landscaping, the scenic river valley views, the architecture, and the romantic atmosphere at the Mansion make every minute spent at the Mansion unforgettable. One of the common regrets from our guests, as they leave, is that they wished they had spent more time at the Mansion.

So what does one do at the Mansion? If you need a few suggestions, here they are. More will be provided in your guestbook when you arrive.

  • Play a concerto or chop sticks on the baby grand piano.
  • Cuddle up in any one of four spacious couches to watch a movie in the dedicated Theater Room with the acclaimed Cain & Cain sound system. (See picture in the gallery below).
  • Settle down with a good book in the library.
  • Cool off with a refreshing swim in the waterfall-filled pool (Closed November-April).
  • Soak in the luxury of the built-in hot tub. (Open year round).
  • Roast a marshmallow in the fire-pit by evening and gawk at the Milky Way and try to identify your favorite constellations in the unpolluted sky above.
  • Enjoy a game of ping pong in our hospitality room. You might want to challenge your innkeeper, Alan. Alan is always open to radical negotiations on the price of your suite should you win; lose, though, and Alan, displaying aggravated signs of dismay and grief, will proceed to charge you double for your reservation (kidding!).
  • Game of tetherball?
  • Italian game of Bocce on the grass?
  • Horseshoes?
  • Hike to the top of the cherry orchard and see a view that will leave you breathless (not the hike, but the view).
  • Chess or checkers?
  • Get married! (Yes, we host weddings of all sizes!)
  • Take a walk through a million cherry blossoms and enjoy the chorus of a billion bees.
  • Listen to the coyotes yelp and howl in the evening air.
  • Roll together down the grassy slopes of the manicured lawn of the Mansion.
  • Tramp up to the vineyard to witness and sample firsthand the flavor of grapes before they are made into wine.
  • Order breakfast in your suite and linger in your pj’s until 10:45 AM.
  • Drive golf balls from the Stephen L. Petty driving range into the blue sky and watch them drop 250 feet to the greens below.
  • Wander over the cherry orchard and eat enough cherries to turn your lips red and then kiss!
  • Last, but not least, dine by candlelight at The Vine at Cameo Heights Mansion, our gourmet restaurant.

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