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Walla Walla Bicycling

6 Bike Trails around the Walla Walla Valley

  • Kooskooskie Ride ~ 29 miles
  • Mill Creek – Five Mile – Reser Loop: 16.5 miles
  • Reser – Kendall – Cottonwood Loop: 3.3 miles
  • Waitsburg Loop: 40 miles
  • Wine Tour Route #1: 36 miles
  • Wine Tour Route #2: 39.3 Miles

Kooskooskie Ride ~ 29 Miles

kooskooskie ride map - from pioneer park, along mill creek bridge and down mill creek road to Camp KiwanisStarting at Pioneer Park Rose Garden (Whitman & Division), head east on Whitman which curves and becomes Roosevelt. Turn right on Alder (1st light). Heading east on Alder and follow road and veer to left at 4-way intersection and you will be on Tausic Way. Heading north on Tausic you will cross the Mill Creek bridge. Immediately after crossing the bridge turn right and you will be on the bike path. Turn right at the end of the path and the following road to the first stop sign. At the stop sign turn right and you will be on Mill Creek Road. When you come to the first “Y”, follow the road to the left and up a small hill. There are no more turns involved until you reach the end of the pavement at Kooskooskie. Return to Pioneer Park rose garden via the same trail.

Mill Creek – Five Mile – Reser Loop ~ 16.5 miles

5-mile reeser loop in Washington map - from Pioneer Park along E Alder Street, Tausick Way, Mill Creek Recration Trail, Mill Creek Road, Five Mile Road, Foster Road, Reser Road, then back to Pioneer parkStarting at Pioneer Park Rose garden head east on Whitman and follow curve left and you will be on Roosevelt. Turn right at 1st light (Alder.) Continue east until you pass a fire station on your right. The road goes three different directions. Follow the road left and you will be on Tausic Way. Continue until you cross Mill Creek bridge and take an immediate right at the bike path. Follow the bike path to the main entrance road and turn right and follow the main road to the stop sign. Turn right on Mill Creek Road & follow this road until the road “Y”s and veer right. This road will take you over the 5-mile hill. Take the second road to the left (Foster) at the bottom of the hill (Skyline road is the road to the left) & turn left on Foster. Follow Foster until you pass a grain elevator on the right, then a white house, and at the next curve take the right turn and you will be on Reser road. Follow the road to Fern (1st road at Wa-Hi football field) and turn right on Fern. Follow Fern to Whitman and turn left to the starting point. This is a 16.5-mile loop.

Reser – Kendall – Cottonwood ~ 3.3 Miles

reser kendall cottonwood trail map - from Cottonwood road to Wa-Hi then to Kendall Road and back to Cottonwood RoadStarting at Fern & Reser (southeast corner of Wa-Hi) head East on Reser. Turn right on Kendall (1st street to right). Follow over the hill until road “T”s. Turn right and you are on Cottonwood road. At the 4-way intersection turn right and continue to Reser (1st stop sign) and turn right. You will pass the starting point again. Continue this 3.3-mile loop.

Waitsburg Loop ~ 40 miles

Starting at Bicycle Barn (Isaacs and White) go North to Melrose, left on Wellington which will turn into Rainier. At the of the hill turn left on a short 50′ street then an immediate left on Middle Waitsburg Rd. Follow about one mile and turn rt on Lower Waitsburg Rd. Follow about 17 miles to Hwy 125. Turn left and go about 1 1/2 – two miles and just past the bridge turn right on Bolles Rd. Follow this Waitsburg’s Main Street. Follow Main St to 8th and turn left. Go one block to Hwy 12 and turn right. About 1/4 mile after leaving town turn right (up the long hill) on Middle Waitsburg Rd. Follow this back to Walla Walla. About 1/4 mile after passing the Walla Walla Gun Club turn left on the very short street, rt on Rainier (turns into Wellington), rt on Melrose, left on White and you return to the Bicycle Barn. This is a 40-mile route with many rollers and one steep (6.5% grade, 1.5 miles) hill outside Waitsburg. No map of this route available.

Wine Tour Route #1 ~ 36 miles  (Click on the link to see the map.)

Wine Tour Route #2 ~ 39.3 miles   (Click on the link to see the map.)

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