Cameo Heights

Wedding Contract & Wedding Coordinator

Why is the contract needed?

We don’t use formal contracts to rent rooms or take a dinner reservation, so why are they necessary for a wedding?
Ah, that is because a wedding may just be the most pivotal event in your life. The day you choose to share marital vows forever with the one you love is a highly anticipated, decorated, and emotionally charged event.  

Why a professional wedding coordinator?

Some hospitality companies choose not to do weddings because of the challenges inherent in hospitality settings where the expectations are so high. She takes over all the details of your wedding for you and for us as management. You can totally relax and enjoy the day — your only focus and concern being your personal preparation for the biggest day of your life. 

Let us assure you that putting together the perfect wedding for each and every couple is our consistent aim. The management and the staff of Cameo Heights Mansion embrace the challenge of perpetually pointing towards perfection:

A perfect experience for every guest, every time.

As Vince Lombardi, the famous coach of the Green Bay Packers, said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” Similarly, we always strive for perfection so that our results will at least pass the marker of excellence along the way.

Because of these reasons and others, it is imperative that we go into this experience with clear expectations of each other. The contract facilitates clarity and ensures that your day will be replete with warm and enduring memories.

Please feel free to call and consult with management about your wedding plans and whether our facility will be the perfect match for your dream wedding.

Cameo Heights Mansion:  509-394-0211  (office)

Initial Wedding Contract–Policy & Terms

    • No wedding reservations are ever made without the bride and groom reviewing and reaching a clear understanding of the policies and terms that regulate a wedding event at Cameo Heights Mansion.
    • Those policies and terms that pertain to all weddings at Cameo Heights Mansion are found in the Primary Wedding contract and can be download from the link on this page.
    • As soon as the bride and groom have read the contract and are in accord, they are encouraged to sign it and send it in by email, US mail, or in person.
    • Upon receipt of the signed contract, the engaged couple will be invited to make the non-refundable deposit payment.
    • Now, with a signed contract and the payment of the deposit, you can reserve your wedding dates on the Cameo Heights Mansion reservation calendar.

Secondary Wedding Contract–Customized Invoice Becomes Financial Contract

      • We meet each bride and groom at the Mansion and shows them the facility, answers their questions and discusses with them their ideas of a perfect wedding, given their budgetary limitations or expectations.
      • You will be given an opportunity to customize the scope and cost of your wedding with us as you are shown a matrix of choices and the price of adding or removing certain features that will characterize your wedding.
      • Once that is completed, she will make out a detailed invoice which will become the second component of our wedding contract, the Financial Contract.
      • Any approved changes after that point will be amendments to the invoice, which will immediately prompt a new email with the attached revised invoice.
      • In the event of any revision, you are asked to then reply to the email indicating your accord to the latest invoice amendment.
      • The most current approved-by-you-and-us-invoice, constitutes our contractural responsibiity to deliver specified services and your financial contract for payment..