General Policies

  • Adults Only
  • Our guests are limited to individuals 18 years and older.
  • Smoke Free
    • For everyone’s comfort, we invite our guests who smoke to take advantage of the adjacent wide open spaces surrounding the grounds.
  • No Pets Policy
    • In order to be sensitive to guests with allergies to pets, we have established a definitive “No Pets” policy. Pet boarding recommendations are available upon request.
    • However we do have a white Pyrenees / husky female dog who lives outside the Mansion. She is friendly to all guests. She does not jump on guests or bark at night unless something very unusual happens. You may approach her with confidence.  Her name is Dolly Parton (blue eyes, blond hair).
  • Service Animals are permitted. Please visit our Service Animals Policy page for more information.
  • All Suites are single or double occupancy only. (We do, on occasion, make exceptions to this policy. Please call us if you need an exception.)

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in Time: 3:00PM

In order for the mansion to be completely prepared to welcome you, please do not check in before 3:00 PM unless special arrangements have been made. If you plan to check in after 6:00 PM, kindly call the mansion at 509-394-0211 to make arrangements for your later arrival.

Check-out Time: 11:00AM

In most cases your prompt departure at or before 11:00AM is necessary in order to prepare your suite for new guests who will checking-in in the afternoon.  Your cooperation in this is appreciated.  If you desire a later check-out, please discuss it before hand with management.

Expecting a Late Arrival?

We encourage guests who expect to arrive late to come by early and get a key to their room and, if possible, be given a tour of their room and the Mansion. If you plan to arrive after 6:00PM, always to call to make arrangements for your check-in.

For early check-ins and late check-outs, please refer to our Early Birds & Late Arrivals Special

Gift Certificates

Cameo Heights Mansion Gift certificate holders must call to book their suite, otherwise they will be asked online for their credit card information and their card will be charged. Due to merchant processor fees on refunds as well as charges, there will be a processing fee of 7% of the refunded payment.

It is our hope that you will find these policies reasonable and we assure you they will be administered fairly. Please call us if you have any questions.

Bookings & Payment

  • To guarantee the reservation of your suite, enter your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express card at the time of your booking for the deposit payment of the first night’s price plus tax.
  • Online bookings are immediate and you will receive an automatic email confirmation immediately after you book.
  • If you prefer to pay with a check, your check must arrive within five days of your booking or ten days before your arrival date, whichever comes first, in order to hold the reservation. Even when you pay by check, we will ask to put your credit card number on file to hold the reservation. We will then place a charge of $10 to verify that we have recorded correctly your credit card information.  If this is a secret and you absolutely do not want any charges to remain, we can void the transaction immediately.

Ten Day Out Policy of Payments

  • Ten days prior to your date of arrival, your credit card will be charged the full balance of your room reservation. Payments by check will require full payment to be received 10 days prior to your stay.
  • Packagesromantic add-ons, etc. which require pre-setup and are, likewise, not reversible, will also be charged at this time. You will not, however, be pre-charged for any restaurant dining, intimate breakfast service, or shuttle services you may have requested.
  • A statement will be sent to your email address on file when these charges are made.

Cancellations & Refunds

Sometimes cancellations are unavoidable. However, last minute cancellations are often difficult to re-book as most guests reserve their lodging stays many days in advance.

  • We have set a cutoff period of 11 days out for cancellations with full refund (with the exception of weddings or other events, which may have a 30-day cancellation period). If cancellations occur anytime 11 or more days prior to your intended arrival, we will be happy to refund your deposit, less a $25 cancellation fee on each room of your booking.
  • If a cancellation is necessary within 10 days or less of your scheduled arrival, a refund of your payments or a cessation of your obligation to make those payments will require that we are able to reach full occupancy on the nights of your cancellation. When that happens, your deposit will be cheerfully and promptly refunded, less the same cancellation fee of $25 (plus tax) for each night of each cancelled room. (Occasionally last minute replacement bookings may involve an inducement discount, in which case the difference in the rate of your booking and the discounted booking will also be deducted from your refund.)
  • It is your responsibility to make contact with us to initiate the cancellation. An email message or a phone call that goes unanswered without a message being left will NOT serve as cancellation notice. If, perchance you miss us on the phone, send an email to make sure that we get the message that you want to cancel.

Non-refundable Payments

In the event that we are not able to reach full occupancy on the dates of your cancellation, then room payments on nights of partial occupancy will be considered non-refundable and we will also have to charge your card on file for any outstanding charges that are not going to be cancellable, such as dinner baskets already made up, purchased flower arrangements, etc.

You will, however, have the following remedies for relief where those non-refundable payments, or at least, the room portion, may be used for future bookings.

  • For each cancelled room night, you may advance book a weekday stay in the winter months of November, December, January, February, and March. (All major holidays are exempted from this offer.)
  • You may also book any available suite any time of the year with arrival on the same day when you call after 3:00 PM.
  • If you book a more expensive suite, you will be responsible for the difference in price between the cancelled suite and your new reservation. As this is a privilege to rebook, you will not be credited if the suite you rebook is actually less.
  • This offer to rebook will expire on March 31 of the year following your cancellation.
  • In the unlikely event that you rebook with a non-refundable payment and then for one reason or another decide to cancel a second time with less than 10 days’ notice, you will forfeit your privilege to rebook.

(We know it is hard to plan something in advance and not have things happen that want to interfere with our plans. We understand that. But that doesn’t mean we are capable of footing the bill for each and every emergency, shift in priority, and sudden change in health that may occur in the lives and schedules of our guests. Otherwise, each guest’s individual need for a cancellation would collectively convert to a much larger financial burden upon us as we cover the accumulative costs (losses) of multiple requests for cancellations.)

Payments by Credit Card

Credit card processing: Merchant processors charge a small fee for every credit card charge. The charges vary as the circumstances and types of cards vary, but our average charge exceeds 3.0%. We gladly accept these costs as part of doing business and it makes for a very efficient and secure means to accept payment.

Refunds: Refunds put a big wrinkle in the process. The refund also has a fee, usually one percent less than the charge fee, and then if payment is transferred to another card, this new transaction will cost another 3.5%. So in the case of refunds with a second charge, just the cost of handling of the payment comes to nearly 10%!  I am betting you did not know that.

So we politely ask you to accept the following considerations:
1.  Verify that the card you are giving us is okay to pull the deposit payment from.
2.  If you expect the 10 day out payment to come from a different card, it is your responsibility to tell us that before the 10 day out charge is made.
3.  If you are making the deposit payment for another party of guests and you expect to be reimbursed for that later, please arrange for them to pay you back rather than ask us to reverse your charges and apply them on the other guest’s credit cards.
4.  Reservations with gift cards or certificates should call before booking so your credit card will not be charged with the expectation of a refund later when you present the gift certificate.
5.  If refunds still become necessary, we can surely do that, but the charge for issuing a refund will be 6% of the amount being refunded. (Refunds where we have made mistakes, etc. will of course, not incur any fee.)