Policy Table of Contents

  1. General Policies

  2. Check-In, Check-Out, and Late Arrivals

  3. Pets & Service Animals

  4. Payments

    • Suite Payments, Non-Refundable Deposit

    • Acceptable Forms of Payment

      • Cash

      • Checks

      • Credit Cards

      • Gift Certificates

    • Redeeming a Gift Certificate

    • Payments after the initial deposit

  5. Cancellations

  6. Excessing Cleaning/Damage

It is our hope that you will find these policies reasonable and we assure you they will be administered fairly. Please call us if you have any questions.

1. General Policies.

  • Adults Only.

    • Our guests are limited to individuals 18 years and older.
  • Smoke Free.

    • For everyone’s comfort, we invite our guests who smoke to take advantage of the adjacent wide open spaces surrounding the grounds.
  • All Suites are single or double occupancy only. (We do, on occasion, make exceptions to this policy. Please call us if you need an exception.)

2. Check-In & Check-Out.

  • Check-in Time: 3:00 PM

    In order for the mansion to be completely prepared to welcome you, please do not check in before 3:00 PM unless special arrangements have been made. If you plan to check in after 6:00 PM, kindly call the mansion at 509-394-0211 to make arrangements for your later arrival.

  • Check-out Time: 11:00 AM

    In most cases, your prompt departure at or before 11:00 AM is necessary in order to prepare your suite for new guests who will checking-in in the afternoon.  Your cooperation in this is appreciated. If you desire a later check-out, please discuss it before hand with management.

  • Expecting a Late Arrival?

    We encourage guests who expect to arrive late to come by early and get a key to their suite and, if possible, be given a tour of their room and the Mansion. If you plan to arrive after 6:00 PM, always to call to make arrangements for your check-in.

  • For early check-ins and late check-outs, please refer to our Early Birds & Late Arrivals Special

3. Pets & Service Animals.

  • No Pets Policy.

    • In order to be sensitive to guests with allergies to pets, we have established a definitive “No Pets” policy. Pet boarding recommendations are available upon request.
  • However, Service Animals are Permitted.

    Please visit now our Service Animals Policy Page for important specific information.

4. Payments.

Cash, Checks, Non-Refundable Deposit, Credit Cards, & Gift Certificates.

    • Suite Payments & Non-Refundable Deposit:  All rooms prices are for double occupancy. To confirm the reservation of your suite, the occupants will need to make a non-refundable deposit payment of $100 for one night or a group of nights, whether all in the same or different suites, provided they are all contiguous nights for the same set of occupants, at the time of your initial booking. Online bookings are immediate and you will receive an automatic email confirmation immediately after you book.
    • Acceptable Forms of Payment:
      • Cash. (We will always accept cash!)
      • Checks.
      • All major credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).
      • Gift Certificates:  You must always call to make a booking if you plan to have any of these Gift Certificates used as deposit payment.
        • Cameo Heights Mansion in-house Gift Certificates, BedandBreakfast.com Gift Certificates, Unique Inns Gift Certificates, Select Registry Gift Certificates, WBBG Gift Certificates, Costco CHM Gift Certificates: Call us with the GC numbers and we will apply them towards your room payment.  You must call to make your reservation as the online booking engine cannot accept GC payments, only credit cards.
      • Special situation with Costco version of CHM Gift Certificates. This version of gift certificates is unique. Think of them as cash.  As such, we will only accept a $100 Costo Gift Certificate as a deposit if you bring them in or send it to us by mail.  Giving us the GC numbers of a Costco GC will not constitute the deposit payment because we will not redeem this particular GC without having the certificate in possession. They have to be presented to us to be effective legal tender. Thus, in a rare case where we have allowed the use of a Costco GC as part of your advance payment without having received them by mail in advance, and you then arrive without those gift certificates in hand, we will be obligated to ask for another form of payment.(The unredeemed gift certificates do not expire and you can use them on a return visit.) Also please take a minute now and read the section below about “Redeeming a Gift Certificate.”
    • Credit Card Issues:
      • CC Processing fees: Merchant processors charge a small fee for every credit card transaction. The charges vary as the circumstances and types of cards vary, but our average charge usually run around 3.0%. We willingly accept this as a cost of doing business.  It makes for a very efficient and secure means to accept payment.
      • Refunds of credit card charges:
        Refunds put a big wrinkle in the process. The refund also has a slight fee and then if payment is transferred to another card, this new transaction will cost another 3%. So in the case of refunds combined with a new charge on a different card, just the cost of handling of the payment comes to nearly 6-7%! I am betting you did not know that.
      • We politely ask you to accept the following considerations when paying by credit card:
        • Verify that the card you are giving us is okay to pull the non-fundable deposit payment from.
        • If you expect the 30-Days-Out payment to come from a different card, it is your responsibility to tell us that before those charges are made.
        • If you are making the non-refundable deposit payment for another party of guests and you expect to be reimbursed for that later, please arrange for them to pay you back rather than ask us to reverse your charges and apply them to the other guest’s credit cards.
        • Reservations with gift cards or certificates must call before booking so your credit card will not be charged with the expectation of a refund later when you present the gift certificate.
        • If refunds still become necessary, we can surely do that, but the charge for issuing a refund will be 5% of the amount being refunded. (Refunds where we have made mistakes, etc. will, of course, not incur any fee.)

Redeeming a Gift Certificate. 

Cameo Heights Mansion Gift Certificate holders must call to book their suite, (as it says on every gift certificate). Otherwise, guests will be asked online for their credit card information and their card will be charged. Due to merchant processor fees, etc., we are not willing to redeem gift certificates when you did not call us to make your booking. Your options in that case would include:

    • Book an additional night and we will apply towards that.
    • You may apply them to dinner or other services at the Mansion besides just room charges.
    • You may use them for purchases at the CHM gift shop.
    • If they have no expiration date, you can call us and use them on a future stay.

Payments after the Initial Deposit.

    • 30-Days-Out: Thirty days prior to your date of arrival, which coincides with our 30-day cancellation policy, your credit card will be charged a non-refundable payment of the full balance of your room reservation. Gift certificates can be included in this payment if we have already been given them. Payments by check will require full payment also to be received 30 days prior to your stay.
    • 3-Day-Out:  All spa packages will now be charged at 50%. (In order to keep our spa providers satisfied we guarantee them that any cancellation with less than 72 (3 days) of notice will be charged 50% of the cost of the service. This payment is not refundable.)
    • 1-Day-Out:  All packages and special services on your account will now be charged. This is a non-refundable payment.  This expedites the check-in and we don’t begin our initial checkin procedure talking about payment.
    • Pay-As-You-Go:  Dinners, beverages, and incidentals will be charged at the point of delivery so when you check-out, any conversation is about the quality of your stay–not about payments.
    • A statement of all charges will be placed under your door on the day of your planned departure.

5. Cancellations 

Although no one ever intends to cancel or reduce their booking, there are cases when unforeseen circumstances may necessitate cancellations or reductions. Cancellations and reductions are very costly for us to administer. As a coveted destination resort, our bookings are often several months out.  Therefore short-notice cancellations are often difficult to rebook. Accordingly, we instituted a strict 30-Days-Out Cancellation Policy.  We suggest you read this policy, as stated here below, before you book any reservation:

    • Unless otherwise noted, such as for weddings or group events, all reservations will be confirmed with a non-refundable deposit of $100 at the time of booking.
    • A lodging cancellation made 31 days prior to your arrival date will result in the forfeiture of the non-refundable deposit.  (Shortening a multi-night reservation more than 31 days out, by one or more nights, will not cause you any financial consequence–but the unexpected emotional loss will later be unmistakable!)
    • Cancellations of reservations or reductions of multi-night reservations, for whatever reason (including weather), inside the 30-Days-Out Window will be charged, or are subject to being charged, 100% of the total room charges, including sales tax, minus the deposit. The sum of these entire room payments will be considered non-refundable room payments even if we are successful in rebooking the room. We understand that such cancellations are probably beyond your personal control.
    • TRIP INSURANCE: May we suggest that you consider a policy of Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance to protect you against any and all unforeseen eventualities including sudden illness in the family, airline cancellations, any weather-related reason, etc.  Click here: Insure my Trip to investigate a purchase of trip insurance.
    • After a short term cancellation, you will be given a gift certificate for a one-time replacement booking of a similar length stay on non-holiday weekdays between November 1 and March 31 of the upcoming year.non-refundable deposit of $100 will also be required to complete the new booking. We may also grant a replacement booking on a winter weeknight (Friday or Saturday) provided you call after 3:00pm for any available room that same night.

5. Changing the Date of a Reservation?

  • Outside 30-Days-Out: Changing the date of an existing reservation outside the 30-Days-Out date will be handled simply by changing the arrival date of the current reservation.  Period! No fees. No new non-refundable payment.
  • Inside 30-Days-Out: For all practical purposes, changing the date of a reservation inside the 30-Days-Out period, is a cancellation. As such, there will be no credit towards any refund but we will change the date as part of our one-time replacement booking policy provision (explained above) provided you are willing to pay the non-refundable deposit of $100 to complete the date change.

6. Excessive Cleaning/Damage?

  • In the rare case that a suite or any of their contents are damaged or require professional cleaning due to guest negligence, you will be billed a fee equal to the cost of replacement or professional cleaning required to resolve the damage.

If you have any questions about part of this policy, please contact us prior to booking.



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