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Complimentary Breakfast in Touchet, WA

…”incredible cuisine, presentation, and taste…” – Trip Advisor Review
Start your day the right way! Every morning, guests of Cameo Heights Mansion are treated to a complimentary gourmet breakfast. This scrumptious meal is prepared onsite and utilizes fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. It’s a little taste of the Walla Walla Valley that will get you going! Find out more about our delicious breakfast, as well as the other wonderful treats to enjoy during your stay with us.

Wake-Up Service

8:00 AM: Is there anything better than waking up to a homemade danish, fresh out of the oven? Our signature Wake-Up-Service is a favorite among guests of Cameo Heights Mansion. The last thing you want to feel at a luxury getaway is that you have to get up at a certain hour. We get that. But ultimately we all are going to wake up each day. 

So if you would like this complimentary service, simply request it using a form in your suite like the one linked below, and you’ll receive a tray of freshly made pastry as well as your choice of coffee, tea, or chilled juice delivered to the door of your suite promptly at 8:00 AM. A simple knock on your door will be your only intrusion. If you don’t get up, it will sit there fine until you do. The Danish will not, of course, still be piping hot!

Breakfast at the Mansion
9:00 AM: A multi-course breakfast follows one hour later at 9:00 AM when guests of Cameo Heights Mansion are treated to a complimentary gourmet breakfast. This scrumptious meal is prepared on-site and utilizes fresh, local, ingredients whenever possible. 

Your breakfast begins with a delightful fresh fruit sampling either in a cup or buffet style. While you enjoy the fruit, a waiter will take your order from several entree options, typically, a savory, a sweet, or a traditional choice. For instance, you may find anything from an egg burrito with homemade masa tortillas, grilled vegetables, and Don Juan’s chorizo sausage to lemon-zested ricotta pancakes with fresh peaches. 

The menu changes daily. We specialize in catering to each individual guest, according to his or her preference as well as allergies. We are able to cater to any dietary restrictions. Simply let us know upon check-in and we will handle the rest.

The goal of breakfast is not just to nourish but to indulge the taste buds of every guest who sits at the breakfast table such that when he leaves, with the flavors of his breakfast still lingering with awe and enjoyment on his palate, the words spoken or unspoken will be simply this: “I have never had that good of a breakfast before… anywhere!”

If you plan on checking out early, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We offer a basic “Simple Simon” breakfast that comes with fruit and coffee or juice.

Breakfast Services — For Purchase

Intimate Breakfast Service In-Suite

Would you prefer to enjoy your breakfast in the privacy of your suite? Added to your room charge, you can enjoy your breakfast served intimately in the privacy of your own suite.

Mimosas for Breakfast or French Pressed Coffee

All juices, milk, coffee, etc. are complimentary. However French-pressed coffee and alcoholic drinks such as mimosas are purchased. 

Extra Persons for Breakfast

Your room rate allows for 2 persons for breakfast. However, if you have friends nearby that you would like to invite to share breakfast with you, you are encouraged to do so for an added charge.

Our Delicious Breakfast Gallery: