Cameo Heights Mansion is located off US Highway 12

To get to Cameo Heights Mansion, please follow the directions and map below. If you are using your GPS, please scroll down to read our helpful notes, as some GPS systems do not have the roads in our area correctly labeled! If you have any questions on getting to the Mansion, please contact us!

  • Exit North off US 12 between mile marker 312 & 313 onto Oasis Road.
  • Go 1.2 miles to 1072 Oasis Road.
  • You have arrived.


Coming by GPS? PLEASE read these notes!

There are at least two problems associated with using GPS to navigate to Cameo Heights Mansion.

  1. Current maps used by GPS systems have mislabeled our private road, Oasis Road, as Orchard Road. So instead of putting in our address as 1072 Oasis Road, Touchet, Washington, substitute with 1072 Orchard Road, Touchet, Washington.
  2. The maps most GPS systems use are incorrect in their routing to Cameo Heights Mansion. Sometimes they will route you onto "North Shore Road" or onto "Dodd Road".  In the case of Dodd Road, you might eventually arrive at the Mansion but it will be a long journey. In the case of "North Shore Road" the same could be said, provided you are using a hand cart to make part of the journey. 

So what do you do?

When coming from the West, IGNORE the GPS prompting to turn onto Dodd Road or later onto North Shore Road. Rather continue straight forward until arriving at Wallula Junction. Continue by turning Left onto HWY 12 towards Walla Walla.  4.5 miles later, turn Left onto Oasis Road.

Oasis Road is 1.2 miles of part pavement and part gravel and is a wide well constructed road that for most people should provide no obstacle. The last hill of asphalt has some ruts in the asphalt but you can easily deviate around them.


Need more help? Want more details?

Where is US 12?  

US 12 is the US East/West Route that runs from Aberdeen Washington to Detroit Michigan.  Coming from the West side of Washington, it runs concurrent with I-82 from Yakima to West of Richland where, at exit 102, it proceeds concurrent with I-182 around the Tri-Cities to Pasco. I-182 ends in Pasco and U.S. 12 intersects US 395. Hwy 12 continues South Easterly through Wallula where it interests US 730.  US 12 continues Easterly to Walla Walla.

If you are approaching from the East, US 12 is the highway connecting Lewiston to Walla Walla and then the Tri-Cities.

While traveling along US 12, watch the mile markers. Aproximately 4 miles East of Wallula junction is mile marker 312 (or coming from the East, about 8 miles West of Touchet is mile marker 213.) Exit halfway between mile marker 312 and 313 midway between Pasco and Walla Walla by making a North turn off Highway 12 onto Oasis Road (private road) and continue traveling approximately 1.2 miles. (If you are approaching the exit from the West, it will be a left hand turn against opposite traffic in the middle of a sweeping turn on the highway. In heavy traffic or at night, some guests like to drive on ahead 1000 feet where you can turn around and come back to the exit for a simple right hand turn onto the exit ramp.) After exiting hwy 12, you will cross the Walla Walla river, a railroad and a cattle guard on the way. After passing the cattle guard, driving a short distance will bring you to a full right hand 90 degree turn. Ignore the immediate steep left hand fork and continue straight ahead.  In about 3/4 miles you will see our pink brick Mansion as you climb a gradual rise in the road.   In the entry way between two imposing lava rocks, in front of the tall rock on the left hand side, you will see a sign with the house number 1072.  Congratulations!  You have arrived! 

Visiting during the holiday season?

entry-sign-by-rock-at-night-1During Christmas and New Year's season, you can just follow the lights to find your way to Cameo Heights Mansion.

Sam Davey did the honors of shooting the night shots of Cameo Heights Mansion with the Christmas lights.