Luxury Ride & Dine in Our Stylish Lincoln

Limousine-Facilitated Dining Service

Go ahead and be a little extravagant! You’ve earned it. Why shouldn’t you dine in style? The Vine is offering an exceptional opportunity for you and your sweetheart or some friends and family to be picked up from anywhere in our eight-seat Lincoln stretch limousine and transported in style and safety to Southeast Washington’s finest restaurant, The Vine.

Call (509) 394-0211 to schedule a Ride and Dine

This stylish limousine fully compliments the elegance of the dining experience at The Vine. If you are looking to impress that special someone and rekindle the spark of romance, then our prestigious Lincoln Continental Town Car fits the bill perfectly! This beautiful coach, brimming with the aura and feel of luxury, will surely infuse some charm into your evening’s experience!

Perhaps, it has nothing to do with romance but you just want to make an impression upon a potential business client or partner. For that, you will need the security and assurance of a driver who has not been drinking at your dinner table. Arranging for us to take care of the details of your transportation melds fine dining with carefree travel–all enhancing and contributing to your profile as a competent and gracious business associate.

You might want our services simply because you prefer not driving especially when dining might involve ordering wine from our wide assortment of local wines — yet you want full access to the finest dining venue our Columbia Valley area affords. No longer should our twenty-five-mile distance from Walla Walla or Tri-Cities or elsewhere deter local folks or out of town visitors from dining at Southeast Washington’s best. If you take your wine serious, this is a perfect alternative to drinking and driving.

The price is considerably discounted, for example, from what our normal limousine service would be for a 4-hour wine tour.

Luxury Ride & Dine Schedule

Please call us today at 509.394.0211 to make your reservations for our chauffeured limousine dining service! We will travel to any destination. The cost only increases when the total time from pickup to dropoff is more than 4 hours.

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Fine print

The followings conditions will apply:

  • No limit to pickup points. (However, additional pickup points may increase your time over the allotment of 4 hours resulting in additional fees.)
  • No limit of distance from The Vine. (However, additional drive time also may take you over the base time allotment.)
  • The base time allotment is 4 hours from time of first guest pick-up to the time of the last guest drop-off. Notice we are not including the driver’s time in driving to the first pickup or returning home after the last pickup. (Our 7-course prix-fixe dinner is typically a 2 hour dining experience for small groups so that leaves an additional 2 hours for travel time. However, we do not rush our guests before, during, or after dinner, nor dictate the distance we will travel for their pickup.)
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