Value Comparisons: Cameo Heights vs. 3, 4, or 5- star hotels

The price of a stay at Cameo Heights Mansion may be similar to a top-rated luxury chain hotel. But when you note the following differences in the chart below, we trust you will see that Cameo Heights Mansion is a much better value and offers many more amenities, most of which are FREE.


Admission: A couple of things we do not have that the big Hotel chains often have is a cocktail bar, a big beautiful lobby, and multiple convention rooms.  We DO have a small beautiful lobby and a media room. Will your intimate retreat need a lot of lobby space or multiple convention rooms?  Do you really need a cocktail bar for your romantic evening? Other than those solitary items, we offer much more, most of which is FREE. Why not come and see for yourself?





Rates, Prices Discounts, & Promotions

Like many companies in the hospitality and service industry, we use a dynamic pricing model for setting our room rates.  What does that mean?  It means that prices are not fixed but may fluctuate up and down depending upon our supply and the demand for those rooms on a given night as well as the proximity of your booking date to the arrival date. Some of these changes take place automatically online as new bookings change the supply of available rooms. Some tips for getting the lowest prices are the following:

  • Book several months in advance where occupancy levels are lower…
  • Book dates where our occupancy is the lowest (less than 4 suites booked.)
  • Weekdays are almost always less expensive than weekends.
  • Winter season of November through March provides our lowest annual rates.
  • Lowest daily rates occur when you book on the same day as your stay on our Same Day Stay Rate (SDSR) rate.  You must call to book a suite at this rate.
  • Check Specials for discounted and packaged options. Most promotions require that you call and ask for them WHEN you book your suite.
  • Latest and best offers are also posted on our Facebook page where you will find such things as:
    • Last minute offers to spontaneous couples.
    • Monthly specials advertised only on Facebook.
    • Occasional surprise prizes, even free nights, to those who participate in Facebook contests.