Cameo Heights

World-Class Luxury

Cameo Heights Mansion, ranked in the top 10% of hotels worldwide, offers elegant rooms, gourmet dining and serene outdoor relaxation.

Luxury Suites in Touchet, WA

A romantic escape is waiting for you in one of our luxurious, internationally-themed suites in Walla Walla. Retreat to a secluded oasis in the heart of Washington wine country for the getaway of a lifetime. Regardless of which suite you select, you will be treated to unparalleled service & amenities during your stay at Cameo Heights Mansion in Walla Walla. Book online today or contact us for more information or help planning your stay.

Amenities you will find when staying with Cameo Heights

To Help You Relax...

  • House-made soaps and lotions, with a free gift box of bubble bath, hand lotion, a bath bomb, and bar of  goat’s milk soap.
  • Large air-jetted Oceana two-person tubs, a beautiful and distinctive tub in every suite.
  • Water bottles, an ice bucket with drinking glasses, wine goblets, and a corkscrew.
  • Firm, medium, and fluffy pillows.
  • Luxurious robes and slippers.

To Set The Mood...

  • Dining Table for intimate in-suite dining
  • Functional gas fireplaces.
  • Dimmable lights to set the mood.
  • Cameo Heights Mansion Romantic Adventure Card featuring “Find the Romance” square!

To Stay Connected...

  • Free WiFi.
  • State-of-the-art, 600 series 55” 4K Ultra HD LED TVs, which include Blu-ray players.
  • Abundant electrical receptable and USB slots to charge all your devices. We absolutely guarantee that no one will need to squeeze behind a dresser or crawl under a table to get to a plug!

To Help You Feel At Home...

  • Lighted closets.
  • Ironing board and iron.
  • Practical toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, and razor (just in case)!
  • Blow dryer.
  • Separate shower stall in every suite, most being “walk-in-showers“, (no combo units here)–all featuring a large overhead rain shower and height-adjustable side wand.
  • Chocolates in-suite and tokens for free ice cream and beverages from the Hospitality refrigerator/freezer.
  • Lighted magnifying makeup mirror and black makeup remover washcloth.

To Provide Perfect Pampering ...

  • “Wake Up Service” tray at 8:00 every morning, if you select it, with coffee, or other beverage, and a fresh, hot Danish.
  • A free pass to a gourmet breakfast; chosen from a menu which changes daily; served at 9:00AM in the dining room or, for a small fee, also delivered to your suite.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly concierge service for wineries and tourist attractions in Walla Walla and surrounding area.
  • Latest addition in November 2020: A Toto luxury bidet seat w/ remote control. When it comes to cleaning things up, this is luxury at it finest. (Installed in all suites except Dubai and German.)

Spanish Suite

Introduction: Wake up to private views of “la huerta hermosa,” aka, the beautiful orchard. One of our largest suites at our Walla Walla bed and breakfast, the 500 square feet Spanish Suite includes an array of amenities. Enjoy a two-person air-jetted tub (72″long x 42″ wide x 26″ deep), a 3-way panoramic fireplace, a walk-in rain head shower, and a private pool-level entrance.

Spanish Decór: Recently remodeled,* the decór now is aptly described as “Spanish revival.” The suite was beautiful before…it is stunning now. Reminiscent of sunny Spain, the white color and clean lines cater to the progressive millennials who love elegant simplicity. However, this room is anything but simple. It has heated floors, a luxurious Toto electric bidet toilet seat, double-sink rustic vanity, three-way facing fireplace, leather sitting bench and a lounging couch for watching a 55″ TV on a telescoping arm to rotate and face any direction. You may luxuriate in the oversized tub with the air jets by a flickering firelight in the adjacent  gas fireplace. 

Private Access: The Spanish suite provides private access to the pool and outside pool patio, (pool is closed November-April while the adjacent to pool hot tub is open year round). Visiting this charming villa in Walla Walla for your secluded  retreat reminds where wall paintings and ambiance remind one of visit to Spain with romance, bullfighters, and flamenco dancers. The crisp and clean uncluttered decór rejuvenate and revive your soul and inspire passion and romance.

*(The remodel took place during May & June of 2020 after being seriously damaged by water from an overhead leakage.  Instead of a mere restoration, we decided that a major renovation was in order. Yet we were cautious because this room has always been our most popular suite so we know guests loved it just as it was. But to keep things interesting at Cameo Heights, we are continually making changes and the Spanish room was due. Trust us, most people love it even more. We think you will too. Guests say it is an authentic and luxurious replication of “Revival” Spanish decór.

Spanish Suite Specifications

Greek Suite

Relax like royalty when you book the opulent Greek Suite. This walk into luxury offers a private entrance to the Mansion’s pool and hot tub, and panoramic views of the Walla Walla serene River Valley. The Greek is a spacious suite, our largest (632 sq ft), and includes a romantic tufted sofa facing a 55” TV with soundbar above a real gas fireplace. (All the fireplaces in every room are authentic gas burning fireplaces–no electric faux fireplaces here!)

Please Note:  This suite is sometimes described by people sensitive to sound, as noisy, due to its proximity to the adjacent hospitality suite and especially being situated directly below the kitchen, though the wall & ceiling between the two are both very well insulated.

On the other hand, we have many guests that choose this spacious room for their every visit as their favorite retreat. Our advice to you is this: If you consider yourself very sensitive to sound, please do not choose this beautiful suite. Choosing any of the others will more likely provide a more suitable experience for you. 

Greek Suite Specifications

Private Dinner Service (Dinner in your suite)

We have a highly acclaimed restaurant with sumptuous food and a beautiful dining room with separate tables for intimate dining. Scenic views of an organic orchard in the foreground and a sweeping view of the Walla Walla River valley in the background make for a very rewarding and romantic dining experience. Diners may also choose, as most do, to dine outdoors on the patio during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Definition of “Private Dinner Service”: For romantic occasions where intimacy is your goal, you may also choose to dine in your suite. We call that “Private Dinner Service”. Ordering this service means your suite will be preset for dinner before you arrive. All dinner courses will be served in the intimacy of your private suite.

German Suite

Enjoy a secluded retreat in this masculine, yet very romantic Bavarian suite. With black wainscoting, soft gold paint on the walls, houndstooth print, a vaulted ceiling, leather and nail-head bed frame, and, of course, the authentic German beer steins, transport you to the Black Forest of Freiburg.

Climbing the 8 steps of the vertical ladder into the romantic loft reveals a comfortable leather couch, a lamp and a coffee table–a perfect hideaway for losing yourself with a great novel at our Walla Walla bed and breakfast. Adding in the area of the loft, this is our second largest suite at the Mansion. 

The suite’s west-facing balcony provides private views for an impressive Walla Walla sunset. Elegant black marble lines the bathroom and walk-in shower. A medieval fireplace pampers you like Count Lichtenstein.  Ja, Voll!

German Suite Specifications

French Suite

Introduction: The French suite has the distinction of being one of the most sought after suites at our Walla Walla Mansion. The East facing glass wall of double French doors and sidelights reveal an endless stream of ever-changing vistas of the beautiful Walla Walla river valley. Swing open the wide French doors (not to worry–the French has a nearly invisible screen to keep out unwelcome pests) and bask in the scents of the vineyard and the beauty of the Walla Walla sunrise.

As you enter the room, the colors are instantly restful providing the ideal getaway for romantic adventure. An ornately mantled gas fireplace creates the backdrop, delicate crystal sconces paint rainbows of light, and remotely controlled skylights bring the moon and stars almost within your reach. Yet the highlight of this suite is the unique high backed air-jetted clawfoot tub waiting for your bubble bath. (We supply the bubbles!)

French Suite Specifications

Italian Suite

Amore a prima vista. With a significant renovation in 2018,  the Italian Suite at Cameo Heights Mansion in Walla Walla will have you and your Don Giovanni swooning. Sleep under the fresco scalloped ceiling.  French doors open to reveal the meandering Walla Walla river valley and the landscaped patio with the waterfall cascading into the swimming pool below.

The Mediterranean brown and teal, the Roman columns, medallion carvings, and authentic paintings whisk you away to land of Tuscany and Sicily. A garden tub, with two adjustable shuttered windows (recently added–not pictured here) greets your entry into the bathroom, inviting a luxurious Roman bath with air jets. Or enjoy a refreshing shower in the brown marbled walk-in shower near by.

Italian Suite Specifications

Intimate Breakfast Service (Breakfast in your suite)

A delicious breakfast is complimentary for all guests of Cameo Heights Mansion. Breakfast service at Cameo Heights Mansion begins with a Wake-up Service of house-made Danish and beverage, delivered to your suite at 8:00 am. The beverage options are coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate, or hot cider. Full breakfast continues one hour later in our dining room with a stunning fruit service followed by your selection from a daily changing menu of at least three choices. All courses are plated and served to guests at their individual table.

Definition of “Private Dinner Service”: Sometimes you are celebrating a special occasion and you want to enjoy your breakfast in the privacy and intimacy of your personal suite. “Intimate Breakfast Service” is having all these components of our full breakfast service delivered to your suite.

Dubai Suite

Relish in luxury in this Arabian suite at our Walla Walla bed and breakfast. No stone is left unturned in this room. It boasts a vaulted, chandelier-adorned ceiling, a marble, oversized Oceania bathtub, and tufted king size bed.

Stretch out on the plush linens and enjoy the roar of the fireplace with unparalleled views of the Walla Walla valley. Royal relaxation is effortless inside the walls of the Dubai Suite.

Be whisked away effortlessly to the luxury of Dubai, the city named, “The Pearl of the Gulf.” all while staying close to home in Walla Walla.  

Dubai Suite Specifications

English Tudor Suite

Set at tip top of the Mansion, this suite at our Walla Walla bed and breakfast is resplendent with the glory of Camelot. The crown has made it clear if you want to know “How to handle a woman,” the soft feminine ambiance of this regal chamber will have her feeling like a queen in no time.  This adorable room is completely isolated and secluded on the fourth floor of the mansion, thus we refer to it as the “honeymoon suite.”

The private dormer features oversized French doors that open to exclusive views of the Walla Walla River Valley and the overhead sky lights bring a thousand stars within reach. The custom-crafted king-size bed with the built-in-headboard is adorned with luxurious drapery and intricate molding.

The bathroom features our only shower with full body jets all around, a double vanity, and a jetted tub so mammoth that the county health department threatens to require that we post a life guard when in use. Well, we’ll see about that one! 

English Tudor Suite Specifications

Europe or International Travel at Cameo Heights Mansion?

Why not avoid the expense, discomfort, and health risk of congested airports, taxing security gates, and long hours in uncomforable airplane seating? Have an international tour without leaving the USA, all within the beautiful and scenic Tuscan hills of Touchet Washington. Each stay at Cameo Heights invites anew the romantic adventure of another international tour of farway places brought close to you.  

There are great things to do when you visit a foreign country. Likewise, besides all that our internationally themed suites have to offer, please take a look at the many Fun things to do at Cameo Heights Mansion! A stay at Cameo Heights Mansion is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s an escape into luxury. Let us handle all the details of your vacation. Simply relax and enjoy your time at the most exquisite bed and breakfast in Washington state.

Aren’t you ready to have the experience of a lifetime at Cameo Heights Mansion?