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Walla Walla Wine Tours & Shuttle Services

Walla Walla Wine Tours in a Limousine Coach Designed by Krystal.

Interested in doing some wine tasting while you are in Walla Walla? You’re not alone! Many of our guests travel to our beautiful region, take a Walla Walla wine tour, and sample some incredible varietals. It’s important to arrange all your transportation beforehand so that your entire focus after that can be on enjoying your visit and these incredible Walla Walla / Columbia Valley wines. Luckily, for guests of Cameo Heights Mansion, you can plan a seamless vacation as you arrange your transportation, dining, and accommodations all in one place!

Whether you’re attending one of the many fantastic local wine events (like the Walla Walla Spring Release or the Annual Holiday Barrel Tasting) or creating your own wine tour, which tours are available all seasons and days of the week (Sundays are sometimes exceptions.) We are happy to provide safe and secure transportation and allow you the freedom to enjoy your wine tastings responsibly without the hassle of providing your own designated driver.

Our role is to provide safe and responsible transportation and valuable concierge services to assist you in planning your own wine country excursion. Or relax and trust us to plan it all for you based upon years of experience visiting all of the great Walla Walla or Red Mountain wineries–the ones the guests seem to always enjoy the most–and the luxury of doing it all in the comfort and style of a stretched Lincoln which seats comfortably eight people.  Music, privacy, wet bar, and luxurious comfort await you if you choose this package.

All wine tour packages are a minimum of 4 hours. Limo tours are cancellable until noon three days before departure. At or about noon, 3 days before your scheduled departure, you will be charged 50% of the minimum cost, which fee is then nonrefundable. The day before your departure, the remaining balance of a minimum wine tour is then charged. This charge is also nonrefundable.

Your trip goes longer than 4 hours: If your tour is longer than the minimum 4 hours, with a grace period of 15 minutes, you will be charged proportionally at our prevailing hourly rate for your group size. 

Can we schedule wine tours if we are not lodging guests of Cameo Heights Mansion?

Yes you can!  We will treat you just as staying guests who book wine tours. Thus you will be charged from the time our limo leaves and returns to Cameo Heights Mansion, not your pickup and dropoff points.

Cameo Heights Mansion Stretch Limo Interior
Cameo Heights Mansion Stretch Limo Interior

Arrange for an Airport Shuttle Service

We offer a reasonable fee for shuttle service from the airport. We are located 29 miles from Walla Walla airport and 25 miles from Pasco (Tri-Cities) airport. We are happy to pick you up and drop you off at either airport. However, we do recommend Pasco airport since it has more services and is open for longer hours. And equally important, it offers more flights and the tickets are usually cheaper. It is also significant to note, that in the event of inclement weather, the Instrument Landing Systems at Pasco are more advanced so the rates of canceled flights due to adverse weather are much lower.

Walla Walla Luxury Ride and Dine

Are you a local resident or staying from out of town in the Walla Walla or Tri-Cities area and want to indulge in the area’s finest dining experience? Ask around, you will find yourself being directed to come to The Vine, our on-site restaurant. With our Luxury Ride and Dine package, we even offer chauffeured transportation riding in limousine style to and from dinner at The Vine.  Limousine prices for this package are lower than our normal rates to make your splurge for limousine transportation for dining at The Vine actually quite affordable. 

If you need any other chauffeured services, call us at 509.394.0211 to get a quote on your exact request.