Cameo Heights Mansion can offer the perfect touch for celebrating your honeymoon, anniversary or simply to say "I love you" to the one who makes the joy of love possible in your life. When booking, just select the romantic package or add-ons you want after choosing your room!  Book now >> 

Private In-Suite Dinner Service for Two – $30/room

Some guests love to meet new friends, but for you, your bed and breakfast stay may be a private get-a-way. We will set the table in your room with linen, fine china, and candles and serve your dinner or breakfast for just the two of you, then whisk it away when you call. Select this option when booking your room for an additional $30/per room/per evening meal and $20/room for breakfast.  Book now >>

Romance Packages in Your Suite

carmel-apple-romance-package     greek-romance-package-champagne-roses-apple

In-Suite "Teetotaler" Romance Package: "Sheffield Cherry" Sparkling Cider; a Dozen roses; and a gourmet *Cameo Apple dipped in milk chocolate, caramel, and nuts. $91

In-Suite "Rosé" Romance Package:  "Waterbrook 'Rose of Sangiovese'"; a Dozen roses; and a gourmet *Cameo Apple dipped in milk chocolate, caramel, and nuts. $113

In-Suite "Bubbly" Romance Package: "Feliciana Brillante" Champagne (sparkling wine); Dozen roses: and a gourmet *Cameo Apple dipped in milk chocolate, caramel, and nuts. $136

*Please note: We may from time substitute a different variety of apple when Cameos are not available. 

Add any of these packages to your stay after selecting your room.  Book now >>

Cheese/Fruit Plate – $35/plate


A beautiful plate awaits your arrival in your suite with a selection of hard sharp, soft creamy, and pungent cheeses with grapes, fresh seasonal and dried fruits, tangy olives, and roasted nuts. Served with assorted crackers and artisan bread. For an additional charge, you may choose to pair this with a selection from our assortment of award-winning local wines from our wine list or our distinguished ciders from Sheffield Cider.  Book now >>

Elite Experience for Walla Walla Wine Enthusiasts (includes dining at The Vine!)

Especially for the most discerning wine and dining connoisseurs!

  • Wine tour of the Best Wineries in Walla Walla with picnic lunch.
  • Picnic lunch during wine tour.
  • 7 Course dinner at on-site restaurant, The Vine.
  • Chef's wine pairing on 4 courses of the dinner.
  • Saviah Rose on ice in-suite on arrival.

Cost: $584

(If you are in a group, please note that the Lincoln Contintinental limousine can be shared with up to 4 couples. Cost of the package with shared limo is as follows: )

1 couple  = $584/couple  (Limo is $79 / hour)

2 couples = $446/couple  (Limo is $89 / hour)

3 couples = $387/couple  (Limo is $89 / hour)

4 couples = $367/couple  (Limo is $99 / hour)

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Airport Pickup in the Cameo Heights Limo

White Stretch Lincoln Limo at Cameo Heights Mansion

Cameo Heights Mansion is a Destination Resort. We have it all including the restaurant pickup and dropoff. This is a picture of our airport shuttle.

So you might consider not even renting a car. You don't ever need to leave Cameo Heights while you are staying with us, but if you decide to, we have the wheels to get you wherever you would like to go in style. So take the stress out of travel and navigating by letting us do the driving for you.

With this package, we will pick up customers at the Walla Walla or Tri-Cities airport using our luxurious super-stretched Lincoln Continental limousine!  This package is discounted in order to facilitate and expedite your arrival and departure from the mansion.  And the price is the same whether you are coming alone or with 7 other persons.  It certainly is capable of being a great surprise to your spouse or companion when we greet you at the airport in our over-the-top shuttle.

During the day, we also do wine tours and even take you to dinner. But truth be known, the best dinners in our side of the state are actually right here, where you will be staying, at The Vine, our highly acclaimed fine dining restaurant.  You would have to be in New York or San Francisco at a much higher price to find the same quality of food you discover in our small but very impressive restaurant.

Cost: $75

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