Dine at the Vine Restaurant in Walla Walla

Discover The Vine Restaurant in Walla Walla

The Vine Restaurant in Walla Walla, which is co-located at the Cameo Heights Mansion, has long had a reputation for excellent dining. This fall is an exceptional time to visit Walla Walla. The season of harvest is finally getting underway, which is always an exciting time of year.  Not only does fall give us a chance to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty around us, but it gives us a chance to celebrate the agricultural bounty of the region, and to celebrate the unveiling of new wines for the year ahead.

The Vine Restaurant has recently welcomed a new head chef into the kitchen, too, and he is proving to be a phenomenal addition to our team.  Though you don’t have to stay at Cameo Heights Mansion to enjoy the delicious meals on offer, our luxurious accommodations will certainly add an air of relaxed elegance to your time in Walla Walla. If you’ve been wanting to plan a getaway to Washington’s wine country, now is a great time to make that dream a reality!  Book your room at our Walla Walla hotel today!

The Vine Restaurant

The Vine Fine Dining is the highly acclaimed on-site public restaurant operated and owned by the same owners as Cameo Heights Mansion. The two operations are essentially independent of each other.

That is to say, that one might stay at Cameo Heights Mansion and dine in the evening somewhere off site or, conversely, one may dine at The Vine Fine Dining and not be overnight guests of Cameo Heights Mansion.

The Vine Fine Dining was created to provide the same high quality in dining that Cameo Heights Mansion offers in lodging accommodations.

What follows next is a link to an independent website for The Vine Fine Dining.

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