Mailing Address:

Cameo Heights Mansion
PO Box 47
1072 Oasis Road
Touchet, WA 99360

Shipping Address:

1072 Oasis Road
Touchet, WA 99360

A Note for GPS Users

There are at least common two problems associated with using GPS to navigate to Cameo Heights Mansion:

  • Some current maps used by GPS systems have mislabeled our private road, Oasis Road, as Orchard Road. So instead of putting in our address as 1072 Oasis Road, Touchet, Washington, substitute with 1072 Orchard Road, Touchet, Washington.
  • The maps most GPS systems use are incorrect in their routing to Cameo Heights Mansion. Sometimes they will route you onto "North Shore Road" or onto "Dodd Road". In the case of Dodd Road, you might eventually arrive at the Mansion but it will be a long journey. In the case of "North Shore Road" the same could be said, provided you are using a hand cart to make part of the journey.

Here's What to Do:

  • When coming from the West, IGNORE the GPS prompting to turn onto Dodd Road or later onto North Shore Road. Rather continue straight forward until arriving at Wallula Junction. Continue by turning Left onto HWY 12 towards Walla Walla. 4.5 miles later, turn Left onto Oasis Road.
  • Oasis Road is 1.2 miles of part pavement and part gravel and is a wide, well-constructed road that for most people should provide no obstacle. The last hill of asphalt has some ruts in the asphalt, but you can easily deviate around them.


Alan and Deanne

Cameo Heights Mansion: 509.394.0211 (Main line)

J Alan Fielding: 509.302.0390 (cell)

Deanne Fielding:  509.302.8010 (cell)