Additional Dining Options

Sunday (and Monday in the winter) “Offerings”

There is no restaurant dinner service provided from the on-site restaurant, The Vine Fine Dining, ever on Sundays. On Mondays, we don’t usually schedule dinner from November through March.  We are sorry for any inconvenience that causes you.

So the question you will be asking is: “What if we want food and The Vine is closed on that day? Do we have any options?” Of course!

For days of our closure, we offer the following ideas/choices:

  1. Grill and Microwave on-site: If you want to bring something in with you to enjoy in the evening, we have a nice outdoor grill customers may use ONLY on days that the restaurant is closed. Also provided are a microwave, plates, and silverware. You supply all the ingredients and we supply the utensils and ovens. (As several guests may want to use the same grill, please clean up the grill and general area and put your dirty dishes in the hospitality sink. This area will not be attended in the evening by staff or management of Cameo Heights Mansion.)
  2. Cheese, fruit, and charcuterie platesmay be pre-ordered and a time pre-arranged for delivery. Of course, you may add a bottle of champagne, wine, or award-winning cider.
  3. Pizza: We have a commercial pizza oven for your use and stock DiGiorno and California Kitchen pizzas. They are available for purchase and you can use our facilities to make and enjoy your own hot fresh pizza. The pizza oven will NOT be available on any days when restaurant service is provided.
  4. Vendors nearby:
    • Waterbrook Winery:15 miles east of us near Lowden. They are currently providing lunch and dinner every day including Sunday until 5 PM.
    • Seedhouse Saloon:8 miles east of us in Touchet. It is a popular place for great local hamburgers and fries. It is open on Mondays until 7:00 pm but not on Sunday. It would be best to call them to schedule your arrival at 509-394-8835.
  5. Restaurants in Walla Walla: 25 miles east of us. There are  a few boutique and chain restaurants open on Sundays and Mondays.
  6. Restaurants in Tri-Cities: 25 -30 miles west of us. There are several chain restaurants open on Sundays and Mondays.