Cameo Heights

Spanish Suite Bath with Bubbles, cake, strawberries and wine glasses on the edge

Cameo Heights Mansion Named World's Top 10 Romantic Inn

We are not making this up., the largest by far B&B worldwide membership directory, named Cameo Heights Mansion as “2014 TOP 10 Romantic Inns” in the world. And where are we located?  In Touchet, Washington, just minutes from Walla Walla, Washington, the hub of Washington Wine Country.
We were certainly surprised by this sudden bestowal of honor and recognition of being one of the most romantic inns in the world. Who wouldn’t be? The award is based upon the reviews of past customers. Subjective? Sure. Accurate?  Well, who is to say? How can any award for one of the best in the world be anything less than subjective? But the subjectivity is done by a huge directory service ( who reads and compares millions of reviews from all across the globe, tabulates the results,  and comes up with the winners each year.
Our guests from around the world tell us this is their favorite place they have ever visited. Part of the romance of Cameo Heights Mansion is rooted in our 5 star restaurant dining service.  Since we are a very small restaurant with seating for 25 or less, we are able to do a very high level of service and perfect each and every meal. Our chef is Nathan Carlson and you may also say after eating here that he is the best chef you have ever had the experience of eating from. Subjective? Of course, but so tell us the top end guests that eat here who have also dined at many of the best restaurants in the world. A recent world-wide traveler said, “A #2 Michelin dining experience, for sure,” speaking of the grading system used internationally to rate the best restaurants from 0-3.
So what makes us the most romantic in the world? We make romance the central focus of all we do.
Read the reviews. If you want a romantic experience, we warmly invite you to try Cameo Heights Mansion.  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!