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5 of the Best Walla Walla Art Galleries You Will Love

There are many reasons why so many people choose to visit Walla Walla! The beautiful vineyards, delectable dining, and stunning scenery are just a few features that draw countless visitors year after year. Walla Walla is a fantastic vacation destination that boasts a thriving culture. This area contains a multitude of fascinating museums that reflect Walla Walla’s rich history and creative atmosphere. If you are an art enthusiast, you will find numerous Walla Walla art galleries here that are always a joy to visit. This area is brimming with talented artists that showcase their work throughout town. Discover some of the best Walla Walla art galleries in this area to help you decide which one to visit first!

5 Amazing Walla Walla Art Galleries You Need to Visit

1. Walla Walla Foundry

You’re guaranteed to be blown away by the incredible works of art displayed at the Walla Walla Foundry. This establishment contains works from numerous, talented professionals, each of them showcasing their own unique qualities. You can visit this spot at Woodland Avenue in Walla Walla.

2. ArtWalla

An institution dedicated to sharing knowledge of the arts with the surrounding community, ArtWalla hosts a wide variety of fun and educational events around town. One of their most popular festivals, ArtSquared, takes place every year to highlight new pieces. This annual event features a gallery show, food vendors, live music, and much more.

3. Studio Two Zero Two

Tucked away in the charming downtown Walla Walla is Studio Two Zero Two, the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. First, stop by their tasting room to have a glass of wine from a local vineyard. Then explore their art gallery to see their latest pieces; Studio Two Zero Two always showcases the work of at least three local artists at a time.

4. Museum of Unnatural History

This eccentric museum is a rare attraction! There are only a few museums like Walla Walla’s Museum of Unnatural History in the entire world. Come explore this one-of-a-kind to see exhibits like you’ve never seen before!

5. Squire Broel Studio

A graduate of Seattle Pacific University, Squire Broel is a creative genius. His work is unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Come visit his studio in Walla Walla to see why he is such a highly regarded artist.

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