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This Is Why You'll Love Visiting a Walla Walla Distillery

While many visitors know Walla Walla as a haven for wine aficionados, we also have some great distilleries in the area. No matter your preference or familiarity with harder liquors, you’ll find something to try and enjoy. From flavorful moonshines to brandy and more, you don’t want to miss visiting a fantastic Walla Walla distillery!
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Visit a Walla Walla Distillery

Shot in the Dark Craft Distillery

If you’re a fan of moonshine, make sure you visit Shot in the Dark Craft Distillery in Walla Walla! This distillery is attempting to recreate the rebellious feeling of prohibition-era moonshine. They use locally sourced corn from the Walla Walla Valley with most of their brews created in small batches so the quality is top-notch. You can choose from traditional clear moonshine and two flavored varieties that both use Washington apples. Shot in the Dark has a tasting room that is open from Friday to Sunday, though you can schedule a private tasting by calling them.

Walla Walla Distilling Company

For a wide variety of hard liquors, visit Walla Walla Distilling Company. This is the Walla Walla Valley’s first licensed craft distillery, founded in 2007. Just like Shot in the Dark Craft Distillery, all the drinks made here are crafted in small batches with an impressive attention to detail. So you can really appreciate the nuanced flavors found in the various varieties. Walla Walla Distilling Company sells vodka, gin, and whiskey, so there’s something for everyone at this fantastic Walla Walla distillery!

DW Distilling

If you’re looking for incredible brandy, visit DW Distilling. Each brandy here started as an incredible bottle of wine that has been distilled and barrel-aged. Therefore, these brandies are complex and smooth. This is the perfect spot for a wine aficionado, as you’ll still be able to taste those incredible notes from the wine. Visit the tasting room in the Walla Walla Airport to get a closer look at these incredible varieties!

Stay at Cameo Heights Mansion

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