Cameo Heights

Aerial Photo of Cameo Heights Manison and surrounding land

Why Stay in the Country in Walla Walla?

Here are 13 reasons why you might prefer Cameo Heights Mansion in the country over a stay in one of the b&bs or hotels in Walla Walla:

  1. The countryside:  There is a hush and peace in the country that you can’t find in the city. If you prefer hearing traffic outside the window and the luxury of being able to see your neighbors on both sides and across the street, then we are not your venue. There are some great places in town we would love to recommend to you.
  2. Proximity from the West side of the state: We are actually a half an hour closer to your origins.
  3. Beautiful night skies: Would you like to see the Milky Way and constellations in a truly dark night sky? Good luck seeing much of that in town but you sure can out in the country without the blur of the city street lights and the neighbor’s spot lights.
  4. Swimming pool with water fall feature:  It is amazing how relaxing it is to sit by the pool while you read, suntan, or just do nothing while listening to the cascading waters. Not going to find that anywhere in town.
  5. Outside Hot Tub:  Pure romance in the evening sitting side by side in the swirling hot water while gazing into the stars. You just can’t replicate that in town.
  6. Nature Walks:  Hiking the trails through and around the orchard and vineyard is an experience unique to the countryside. Not to say you can’t meander down the street in town but somehow that is not quite like a hike in the rugged reality of nature at its most pristine level. True, the orchards and vineyards are not really a pristine situation, but rather a significantly improved and developed state, a veritable Oasis in the desert. You get to see both the developed and the pristine–the organized rows and rows of orchard trees with hanging fruit of varying colors and shapes or in the vineyard millions of vines with their handsome clusters of grapes OR go to the edges and boundaries of the fruit blocks where the trails (roads) are and you will find the natural growth of bunch grass, sagebrush, and unfortunately, a fair bit of star thistle. Not likely to find any of that downtown. Missing it already, right?
  7. Combine fine dining with your luxurious stay:  How many places can you stay where you can walk only steps out of your luxurious suites to a lovely dining room with open view of the kitchen and watch your personal chef preparing his very creative and amazingly delicious cuisine for your evening dining pleasure?
  8. Dinner on the outside patio:  If it’s not too hot, enjoy dinner on the second floor deck outside overlooking the stunning Walla Walla River Valley.
  9. First Class movie room:  Few, if any, establishments have such an intimate theater room with 100 inch screen and a first rate, very high quality, sound system designed by Walla Walla’s own, Terry Cain of Cain & Cain, featuring the Abby, Ben and Bailey speakers.
  10. Breakfast at the Mansion:  Many places offer great breakfasts. Our uniqueness is that we provide a menu of at least three sumptuous choices for breakfast entrees and an interesting and creative fruit display and buffet which changes up every day.
  11. Recreational activities:  We have tetherball, bocce, horseshoes, ping pong, card and table games, chess and checkers on a chess stand and table, swimming pool, hiking, holey board patio game, leisurely romantic walks through our spacious manicured yards, and the Romance “Bingo” card (a slate of romantic activities while at Cameo Heights Mansion).
  12. Help yourself to fruit on certain trees and grapes on the vine: Though you just can’t go anywhere and pick fruit, we will show you where you will be free to help yourself to a little fruit while it is still hanging fresh on the vine.
  13. Less rain!  We actually receive less than third of the rain that falls upon the foothills of Walla Walla, and half of the rain that greens up the city of Walla Walla. If you want to see the rain, go to Walla Walla, but if you wanting to get away from the rain and overcast clouds, then come into the open sun and blue skies of the Columbia Valley which is a better description of our weather 25 miles West of Walla Walla.

Hopefully you have discovered some of the reasons why more and more people have decided that the resort feel of Cameo Heights Mansion satisfies all of their wants associated with the city while introducing them to these and many other romantic pleasures of the country.