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The Blue Mountain Wildlife is One of the Best Wildlife Centers Around

Wildlife is such an important element of any environment; however, there are countless dangers out there that threaten their health and habitat. Fortunately, many individuals have stepped forward to provide a defense against such dangers. The Blue Mountain Wildlife Center, which has two facilities in Oregon and Washington, works tirelessly to ensure that the lives of the animals of these areas are safe and protected. This objective is obtained by the rehabilitation of the animals in need and through education of the public so they can assist with preservation. Learn about these two main missions of the Blue Mountain Wildlife Center and find out how you, too, can make a difference today!

Goals of the Blue Mountain Wildlife


Serving as a home for injured or orphaned animals, the Blue Mountain Wildlife Center does everything they can to help animals in need. Most of these animals have suffered from collisions with vehicles, gunshot wounds, or poisoning. In addition to treating the animals, Blue Mountain Wildlife also runs a program called “Get the Lead Out” in order to stop people from using bullets with lead, which is extremely toxic if consumed by any creature. More than 5,000 animals have been brought to both of these centers since 1990, with approximately half of them fully recovering so they can return to the wild. This is one of the highest release rates of all other wildlife centers!


Blue Mountain Wildlife strives not only to preserve the local animals themselves, but also the habitats in which they live. This is accomplished mainly through educating the public about important topics with the help of their expansive network of passionate and enthusiastic volunteers. The Blue Mountain Wildlife in Pendleton, OR, hosts many educational programs within other regional establishments and venues; these classes inform the public on how they can have a more positive impact on the environment and how they can protect the wildlife that surrounds them.
They also achieve this goal by sending a team to numerous schools around the area to show birds to students and talk to them about how they can make a difference in the lives of these feathered friends. Blue Mountain Wildlife also offers internships for young adults interested in receiving hands-on experience treating animals and learning all about their diets, handling techniques, rehabilitation, and so much more. This is a fantastic opportunity for any student interested in biology, veterinary studies, or environmental education.

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