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Learn All About the Amazing Efforts of the Blue Mountain Audubon Society

Wildlife is a key element of any environment.  From bugs to birds, all these creatures help maintain the natural balance of any habitat.  Due to these qualities, many organizations form to help preserve the lives of these organisms and keep them healthy and thriving.  The Blue Mountain Audubon Society is a group in Walla Walla, WA, that strives preserve the lives of local birds and wildlife through volunteering and education.  Find out how this society benefits the surrounding area and makes a difference in the lives of local wildlife.

All About the Efforts of the Blue Mountain Audubon Society


The primary goal of the Blue Mountain Audubon Society is to provide the community with information about the many species of birds that inhabit the Walla Walla, WA, area.  The Blue Mountain Audubon Society pursues this goal by hosting monthly meetings to discuss local birds and their diets, feeding habits, how they raise their young, and more.  This organization also hosts field trips to nearby areas in order to observe these birds in their natural habitats, as well as year-round Tuesday Bird Walks to Bennington Lake.  

Barn Owls Boxes

Walla Walla’s gorgeous landscape is home to many species of feathered friends, including the magnificent owls.  The barn owl is one bird in particular that loves living in this environment; however, wildlife specialists and experts started to notice that these more and more of these owls were becoming sick.  It was soon realized that this was caused by the owls eating rodents that had been affected by pesticides.  Thus, the Hungry Owl Project was born with the mission of lowering the use of these toxic substances while simultaneously protecting the lives of these incredible birds.  The Blue Mountain Audubon Society is a part of this organization; they have also developed the Barn Owl Nest Project, which is responsible for building nest boxes for barn owls and installing them throughout the area.  They also put efforts toward educating the community about these creatures as well to keep them safe and healthy.  
For a full list of the birds you might be able to spot in Walla Walla, read the full birding list provided by the Blue Mountain Audubon Society.

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