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Aerial Photo of Cameo Heights Mansion
Your wife insists your middle name is Miser and your closest friends just call you Cheapskate?  Do your co-workers intimate that Scrooge is a verb that describes you?  Well, don’t be ashamed.  Kristen Bell, the cutie comedy queen, is seen wearing blouses from Target. Glen Close, the actress, flies Jet Blue discount. Warren Buffet is the 3rd richest man in the world and he still lives in the house he purchased 40 years ago and recently upgraded his Lincoln Town Car for a six year old Caddie. So you are in good company.
Alan and I are very conscious of pricing here. Neither of us was born with a silver spoon in our mouth and frankly, working long hard hours has always been part of our lives. Still, we love spoiling ourselves on special occasions with a delicious meal and a luxurious room. When we designed the bed and breakfast we stayed in several and still do every time we travel. We love to feel pampered like royalty, if only for a night.
But even the most frugal of folks like to have their cake and eat it too! Just looking at the cake and not being able to eat it wouldn’t be much fun. So for those of you who are:

  • Hyper budget conscious,
  • But still want to experience real luxury,
  • Have to receive a deal to enjoy a stay,

We have the following suggestions…

12 Suggestions for Cheapskates at Cameo Heights Mansion aka “Discounts at Cameo Heights Mansion”

  1.   BE SPONTANEOUS:  Surprise your sweetie by calling after 1 PM any day of the week and any available suite goes for the amazing low price of $179 during the slow season and $199 during the busy season. Trust me. That is one heck of a bargain! You will have instant bragging rights when you get a room at Cameo Heights Mansion that cheaply. We call this the SDSR program (SameDayStayRate).
  2. CAMEO HEIGHTS MANSION GIFT CERTIFICATES SOLD AT COSTCO:  For five consecutive years, we sold gift certificates through Costco in Kennewick, WA.  These gift certificates were priced at $79.99 but could be redeemed for $100 worth of luxury!  Though we no longer are selling them to Costco, if you happen to be one of the very lucky ones who bought or were given one, (we issued nearly 4000 of them), be assured that we will always honor them at CHM according to the terms printed on the Gift Certificate.
  3. STAY WEEKDAYS: Year round, prices are always cheaper on weekdays (Sunday thru Thursday) than weekends (Friday or Saturday).  The weekends have higher demand and higher prices. Midweek stays may be quieter because of less bookings and are always cheaper, usually $50 cheaper.
  4. Ping Pong vs AlanINVITE YOUR MOM & DAD OR YOUR BOSS TO COME WITH YOU“With A Little Bit O’ Luck,” they may also pay for your room.
  5. CHALLENGE ALAN TO A GAME OF PING PONG.  If you win, no charge for the room. But beware: Lose and you pay double! (This one is really a joke. I have played lots of ping pong with guests and I win some and lose some but I have never charged anyone double for a room–nor given one away, for that matter.)
  6.  PLAN A STAY IN THE WINTER SEASON OF NOV-MAR:  Our prices are normally $50 cheaper in the winter. Fireplaces inside every suite and the outside steamy hot tub make for very romantic winter stays.
  7. MOVE TO TOUCHET, WASHINGTON:  All persons with a Touchet address can book any room after 2:00 PM for ½ price or $139 whichever is higher.
  8. SEND REFERRALS:  Whenever guests books a room and, without our soliciting it, tells us when they book the room that you referred them, we count that on your guest ledger. Eight of those bonafide guest referrals and you will receive a free night at the Mansion.
  9. JOIN CHM LOYALTY CLUB.  Stay with us 8 undiscounted nights, and we will give you one night free.
  10. SELECT REGISTRY LOYALTY PROGRAM.  We are Select Registry members. It is the premier association of outstanding professional hospitality provides in North America. You are always assured of an excellent stay when you stay with members of Select Registry. When you accrue 12 nights, they will send you a gift certificate for $100. This is a great reward and works independently our of own CHM guest loyalty program.
  11. UNIQUE INNS GUEST REWARD PROGRAM.  Unique Inns invites through their members and approved by the board of directors attractive and distinctive inns into their association of unique hospitality providers.  They are scattered over the Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii.  They provide a $100 gift certificate when you have recorded 5 stays at any of their associated inns. You will be given a directory and a unique code to sign up for these rewards when you depart
  12. CLEAN ROOMS, DO LAUNDRY, WASH DISHES For the ultimate cheapskate, we may see a humorous sign in the office when you check in. It reads, “Bed and Breakfast – You Make Both.”
  • Chef Nathan has plenty of pans to scrub.
  • We have lots of pillowcases to iron.
  • Toilets, sinks, and tubs have to be polished to shine.
  • Clean closets, cabinets, under the bed, inside crooks and crannies, fold clothes, launder and iron the linens, etc.

Okay, we are just kidding on this last one. (Unless you really want to, of course.) We are pretty confident that most of our guests are going to want us to do the pampering and clean-up.

Notice to Misers and Cheapskates:  We try hard to provide an outstanding guest experience for which we charge a reasonable price. But here we have presented scenarios where we invite you to take advantage of some price saving measures to decrease your cost relative to the same essential value, thus getting a greater bang for your buck. We encourage you to consider and act upon any or all of these. There should be no shame in trying to get a better price. If these ideas are successful, then they will become harder and harder to do, as there will be less opportunity to do so, i.e. all the available homes and addresses in Touchet will be taken up, the rooms on weekdays will be all booked up, and winter months will be as busy as the summer months. But you can always use the Guest Referral program and we will see that you are your stays are logged and recorded so that you can take full advantage of our Guest Loyalty program.  Save wherever you can and above all, have fun staying at Cameo Heights Mansion!

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Weddings at Cameo Heights Mansion

Did you get engaged or know of someone who did recently?  Cameo Heights Mansion is a wonderful place for a wedding.