Cameo Heights

Greek Suite fireplace with plated dinner and two glasses of Chardonnay with the bottle beside the plate

February: The Month of Romance

Think February and you automatically think, Valentine’s Day

I looked up St. Valentine’s Day for a clear definition and history…very frustrating. The jury is still out on this one.There is much too do over the legends of multiple saints whose last name was Valentinus.
Let’s reduce it all down to this. Valentine’s Day is the day set apart for all lovers to express love and rekindle romance with their special Valentine, the love of their life. Historically this has been done through confections, flowers, greeting cards, and special gifts. At Cameo Heights Mansion, we look at February as the Month of Romance, which extends the opportunity to find time to be with each other and nourish your romance. Gift certificates are an excellent way to express that intention on the day of Valentine’s Day while actually experiencing your romantic retreat on other days of that month.
At Cameo Heights Mansion, there are many things that invite romance, each of which incite the calming intimacy that fires romance:
Warm fireplaces.
Fine dining.
Romantic movies.
Elegant international decor.
Ping pong, tetherball, and horseshoes.
Couples massage class.
Spa services of all kinds.
Luuxurious linens.
Air-jetted tubs and bubble bath.
Romance package of Flowers, Caramel Apple,  and wine.
Private isolated setting of the country.
Outdoor hot tub under the stars.

Romance is kindled with planning and execution!

Despite the ads on TV that make extravagant promises, no one can give you romance. But the Mansion is a great catalyst for romance to occur. Need I say that marriage without romance is like breakfast without eggs? Who would want it? Romance is not just a physical expression as evidenced by the romantic letters of history but rather the intimacy that comes when two hearts become one.
A young Alan and DeanneNormally romance does not just happen. It has to be carefully cultured and nourished in a caring relationship. Occasionally, romance is boosted by special activities and events, deliberately planned and meticulously executed.
Cameo Heights Mansion’s beginning was the inspiration of Alan and Deanne. We met in the potato field in Idaho. The classic story of the handsome farm boy who noticed the charming young lady riding the potato digger and decided that there might be more to life than potatoes. We will be celebrating 40 years together on February 27th, during this Month of Romance. Our goal has always been to provide a place where couples can fall in love again and again to keep romance alive and sweet.

At Cameo Heights Mansion, we provide you the kindlings of romance–you bring the spark.
To preserve or revive your romance, surprise that special someone by reserving a stay at Cameo Heights.

One parting thought:

Buying romantic gifts can be a lot like buying good oats. If you want good fresh oats, you have to pay the price. But if you can be happy with oats that have already been through the horse, well then that comes quite a bit cheaper.