Cameo Heights


Invitation to Make Last Minute Offers

A bit stingy, down on your luck, procrastinated?

If this describes your situation, we have a deal for you. Last year we went 47 days with perfect occupancy. We don’t mention this to brag but because we obviously want to repeat it and, if possible, improve upon that record.
We will need your help to maintain this string of perfect occupancy. So Facebook posts will often remind you of any upcoming opportunities to book at the last minute, maybe at a significant discount.
If we have a room that is close-by and it is not booked, we will consider offers. And as we get closer to check-in hour each day, we may even consider some rather silly offers that we would have summarily rejected earlier. So don’t give up and don’t be afraid to make an offer of the maximum you would be willing or able to pay. We make no promises of acceptance but they will each be considered in light of our determination not to let any room nights go by unfilled.
When you aim for perfect occupancy, there will always be a few orphan rooms seeking someone to make them their home for the night.

This is an escape ramp–not a planned event!

Though we encourage you to call for last minute deals when you want to, we wouldn’t suggest that anyone should actually plan upon booking a room this way. Let me give you an example. I used to drive trucks and I didn’t ever start down the hill planning on using the escape ramp half way down the grade, but I certainly knew where they all were and I knew that if braking gradually or suddenly became a problem, I sure as heck wouldn’t pass it by because I was afraid of what they might charge me to pull me back out of the sand. The difference here is that the Department of Highways don’t necessarily encourage drivers to use it. In other words, as drivers descend down the grade towards the escape ramps, they don’t see signs indicating that the price for extraction is dropping as one gets closer and closer to the decision point!
But we do!
However be advised that we have very few rooms still open in July so your chances of waiting to get one less expensively is, in the first place, not very romantic, and in the second place, not likely to be available. Nevertheless, if you should gradually feel or suddenly realize your marriage needs an injection of romance, and we actually have the availability, I sure hope you don’t hold back because you are afraid of the cost or feel unable to pay the stated price. Make an offer! Take the romantic retreat just like I would take the escape ramp. You see we aren’t like the airline companies, we actually reward late comers with lower rates when we have guest accommodations remaining.
One last thing: We do not lower rates on rooms already booked even when you call and ask for it. This only applies to last minute or as they say in economics, “marginal” bookings.