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See Fantastic Performances at the Little Theatre of Walla Walla!

No kind of entertainment can compare to the thrill and beauty of the theater.  Watching talented actors and actresses display their many talents of performing, singing, and dancing live in front of a captivated audience is a magical experience.  Theater is an excellent way to enjoy some thrilling entertainment while also experiencing the art and culture of a well-written performance.  If you’re visiting Walla Walla, WA, and are wondering where to find the best theatre, look no further than the Little Theatre of Walla Walla.  This fantastic venue that has been a part of the town for over 70 years and hosts countless, enthralling shows for the amusement of the community.  Read all about this marvelous theatre and make plans to attend their next big show!

About the Little Theatre of Walla Walla

One reason why the Little Theatre of Walla Walla is so unique is that this organization is an entirely all-volunteer community venue.  Thanks to the hard work and devotion of its dedicated staff members, this theatre is able to produce four mainstage shows each season for the entertainment of the local audience.  They are conveniently located on 1130 East Sumach Street in Walla Walla, WA, and tickets for shows can be purchased online.

History of the Little Theatre of Walla Walla

The Little Theatre of Walla Walla first opened in 1944 with their very first play, Yes, My Darling Daughter.  The first two performances were held only for personnel of the Air Base and the McGraw Hospital.  When their acting was received enthusiastically by their audience, the cast and crew arranged a performance in the Marcus Whitman Hotel a few months later.  Soon after this stellar performance, they wrote a letter to the public stating their mission, “To produce good plays well,” and an invitation to join their organization.  Due to the warm support of the community, the Little Theatre was able to purchase a venue; the first play performed there was Old War Horse.  Numerous other successful performances enabled the now-thriving Little Theatre of Walla Walla to move to their current location, the Garden City Heights World War Veterans Memorial Building.  The tireless efforts of its many committed volunteers allowed the the venue to develop into the prosperous attraction that it is today.   

Upcoming Events at the Little Theatre of Walla Walla

The next big show that will be presented by the Little Theatre of Walla Walla is The Glass Menagerie by the world-renowned, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Tennessee Williams.  This famous production is a four-character memory play that revolves around themes relating to the hardships of accepting reality and the amazing power that memories possess.  The opening night of this play will be January 29, 2016.  

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