Cameo Heights

Older Couple toast their getaway with white wine

Fine Dining at "The Vine", on-site restaurant of Cameo Heights Mansion

The style of dining at “The Vine”, the on-site restaurant of Cameo Heights Mansion, is fine dining. But what is fine dining and how do you recognize a fine dining restaurant from a simply posh one? Is it the number of forks that you use? Actually, there are at least three things that set a fine dining restaurant apart from the crowd of other food service facilities:

  1. Food
  2. Customer service
  3. Ambiance

There are several local restaurants with great customer service and ambiance, but it is in the food category where discerning food gurus may find a dearth of fine dining choices.

Want to dine at “boutique” or “chain” restaurants?

Basically, guests of Cameo Heights Mansion may either choose to eat at The Vine or travel West towards Tri-Cities or East towards Walla Walla. So besides the obvious choice of The Vine, we suggest to our discerning guests to go East towards the small town of Walla Walla, Waitsburg, and even Dayton where there are some very nice gourmet owner-operated restaurants.  But isn’t the largest market in the Tri-Cities, meaning Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland? Yes, but surprisingly, diners seeking fine dining experiences in Tri-Cities will likely be disappointed to find mostly the predictable franchise or chain restaurants.

Reviews of The Vine?

We invite you to check out the Reviews of The Vine on  For instance, there was a recent one by a local, but well traveled guest, who reveals that their dinner at The Vine at Cameo Heights Mansion was better than at any restaurant he had ever experienced ALL AROUND THE WORLD!
Said he, “I have never had a better meal than dinner at Cameo Heights Mansion. We have eaten in many of the major cities (Boston, Budapest, Dublin, Durham, Florence, Istanbul, Izmir, Prague, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Quito come to mind easily): I do not recall ever having had a better dinner. We had seven spectacular (taste, texture and presentation) courses, and walked out not feeling ‘stuffed.’ “
As you will note, there are many more reviews where past dining guests say something very similar. It will be our distinct honor to have you as our dining guest and we expect that once you experience Chef Carlson’s style of cuisine, you will be back again and again.