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What Unique Animals Will You See in the McNary Wildlife Refuge?

Due to Washington’s abundance of picturesque scenery, it’s an amazing state to enjoy some outdoor recreation.  If you absolutely love spending time in the great outdoors, the McNary Wildlife Refuge in Burbank, WA, is the perfect destination for you!  Part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, this area is bursting with breathtaking beauty and numerous animal species.  Spread across 15,000 acres, the McNary Wildlife Refuge’s location on the East bank of the Columbia River, combined with its many streams and ponds, make it the ideal environment for a variety of waterfowl.  Keep your eyes peeled and you might also catch a glimpse of some mammals as well, such as mule deer, beavers, squirrels, otters, and many more.  Learn about a few of the creatures you can expect to see here and make plans to visit soon!

4 Animals to Look for at the McNary Wildlife Refuge

  1. American White Pelican

You’ll recognize this silly-looking bird immediately by its plump body, enormous orange beak, wide feet, and bright white hue!  Although they have the appearance of a clumsy clown, these birds are actually extremely graceful in the air.  Amazingly, this species can live up to 16 years in the wild.

  1. Ospreys

Also called “sea hawks,” the agile osprey has a wingspan of about 71 inches, which allows it to dart swiftly through the air.  Their diet is mostly fish, which is why the McNary Wildlife nature area is the best habitat for these birds.  

  1. American Coots

The most prevalent species in the McNary Wildlife Refuge is the American coot, also called a “mud hen” or “marsh hen.”  They are mostly black with bright orange or red legs and a white bill.  These birds eat just about anything and have a habit of laying their eggs in other coots’ nests.

  1. Black-billed Magpies

There are a few characteristics that make this species special; one of which is they mate for life!  These black and white birds spend most of their time at the tops of trees and finding things to eat- which is just about everything.  They also observe their dead, another trait that is not common among bird species.  

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