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The Ultimate Guide to a Great Trip from Portland to Walla Walla

Are you in the Portland area, looking for a quick weekend getaway? Consider visiting Walla Walla! It’s only a four-hour drive from Portland to Walla Walla: close enough to give you plenty of time to enjoy your vacation, but far enough that you wind up in a different state! So pack your bags, fill up your car’s tank, and get ready for a weekend adventure at Cameo Heights Mansion!
Okay, you’re about to hit the road from Portland to Walla Walla. But wait: what are you going to do once you get to the gorgeous Cameo Heights Mansion? Download our free Vacation Guide to get an organized, easy-to-read list of great historic sites, museums, and shops in the area. It’s easy to plan your trip to Walla Walla, WA, with our free Vacation Guide!

Take a Trip from Portland to Walla Walla

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

While four hours may not be a tremendously long drive, you still deserve a treat once you’ve arrived at Cameo Heights Mansion. Book one of our luxurious spa services when you reserve your room! You’ll be treated to a luxurious massage, pedicure, facial, or manicure from the talented folks at Impress Salon. Best of all, you won’t have to leave the grounds! All services are performed right here, at Cameo Heights Mansion.

Have a Delicious Dinner at The Vine

Fine dining is right outside your door at Cameo Heights Mansion. Our on-site restaurant, The Vine, is providing a menu prix fixe-style meals. That means you’ll be treated to seven incredible courses at a fixed price. Of course, if you choose, you can order a la carte. All of our dishes are created with the freshest ingredients, including local whenever possible. For an additional fee, you can even have your dinner served in the privacy of your suite. Enjoy a gourmet meal in beautiful surroundings when you dine at The Vine.

Tour Local Wineries

Walla Walla is known for having amazing wineries. Make sure you visit a few during your weekend getaway! If you need help planning a tour or securing transportation then take a look at our wine tours. We are more than happy to provide transportation so that you can really experience the local vineyards. You’ve already driving four hours from Portland to Walla Walla: let us take over the driving while you’re at Cameo Heights Mansion. Our limo service is just $65 an hour so make sure to book it when you reserve your suite.

Stay at Cameo Heights Mansion

No matter how you decide to spend your trip from Portland to Walla Walla, make sure you do it at Cameo Heights Mansion. Our luxurious accommodations and fantastic service are just what you need to relax during your weekend away. Take a look at our selection of specials and packages to enhance your stay. Whether you want a unique wine-blending experience or a golf getaway, we’ve got something perfect for you.
Check our availability and book today! We look forward to having you.

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