TripAdvisor doesn't show Cameo Heights Mansion in Walla Walla?

Aerial Photo of Cameo Heights Manison and surrounding land

You didn’t find us in Walla Walla when you searched the TripAdvisor listings, did you?  We do appear on several other sites but not on is the premier travel advisory service. But, untortunately, for us there are two major challenges with TripAdvisor in marketing to our metropolitan visitor’s hub of Walla Walla:

  1. We are approximately 25 miles from the center of Walla Walla, give or take a couple of tenths, depending upon the route you take and 25 is their usual limit.
  2. They already have more than 6 other BnB’s in Walla Walla.

Front View of Mansion with Purple Dusk SkyGiven these two situations, has not been willing to let us market as a Walla Walla Bed and Breakfast, However, they do list us in Kennewick (over 30 miles away), indeed throughout the Tri-Cities where Google has only three results for: Bed and Breakfast in Tri-Cities, Washington”. We show up at the bottom under “Inns in or near Tri-Cities”. Apparently they feel that travelers coming to Tri-Cities need more choice but in Walla Walla they have enough, no need to represent others, so the “in or near” button does not even appear. I understand how they reach that conclusion but it presents a big obstacle for guests who coming to Walla Walla who really want to find the best lodging in the area but the choice of Cameo Heights Mansion does not appear for them.  It is as much a disservice to tourists coming to Walla Walla Valley as it is to us.
However, is still our buddy. We do get lots of reviews on We have 47 for 2015 with an average score of 4.97. We currently have 399 total TripAdvisor reviews.  (Update to fall of 2019 and we have 568, 543 of which are Excellent or 96%,)
If you have stayed with us and meant to do a review but just didn’t quite get around to it, why not do it now?  We can’t and don’t ever reward someone for a review but we do always invite and welcome them. Our strategy is to create an ambiance of great hospitality, food, service, and luxury that will make for a near perfect guest experience and then invite all guests when they depart to post a review.
If we have been successful in all of that, please consider writing a review and help us get the word out to future guests. Perhaps the day will come when TripAdvisor will recognize that it would be to their advantage to list us in Walla Walla either directly or with a “Inns in or near Walla Walla” button.

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Weddings at Cameo Heights Mansion

Did you get engaged or know of someone who did recently?  Cameo Heights Mansion is a wonderful place for a wedding.