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Walla Walla–A place so nice they named it twice!

View of 2nd street of the place so nice, they named it twice, Walla Walla…

This is a beautiful photo by James Richman of a view down 2nd street of Walla Walla. We have lived near or in this town going on 19 years and have loved it. If you will be visiting Walla Walla soon, this will probably Wallla Walla 2nd streetbe the route into town you will take. Mature trees adorn most streets, the stately Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center profiles the horizon, and quaint and interesting shops, diners, and many wine tasting rooms line Main street and 2nd. The beautiful blue mountains form the Eastern and Southerly backdrop. Cultural centers, famous historical sites, outstanding primary and secondary schools (both private and public), nationally acclaimed universities, upscale medical hospitals and clinics, internationally recognized wine, agriculture industries consisting of wheat, alfalfa seed, onions, asparagus, vegetables, fruit orchards, and of course, vineyards flourish in the area.

Nice small town with rich big town offerings…

Several highly specialized industries and our fair share of attorneys, judges, accountants, varied medical specialists, and engineers fill the homes and offices, and a stately courthouse graces the landscape. A particularly unique character to Walla Walla that compliments the great wines is the diverse array of interesting and boutique places to dine, non-aligned with national chains. Though it is a small town, the diversity and richness of its offerings provides a cosmopolitan experience for residents and visitors alike.

Even if you live close by like Tri-Cities, Pendelton, or Hermiston, you will certainly be rewarded with a visit or stay in Walla Walla. I lived in Pasco for 20 years and Walla Walla was a near secret to me until I moved here in 1996. When you visit Walla Walla, you will find a very friendly town with great character and personality.
Welcome to Walla Walla–“The place so nice they named it twice.”
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