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Some of the Best Places to Experience Walla Walla Nightlife

Experiencing a new city after dark is one of the best ways to learn more about its style and culture!  The Walla Walla nightlife scene in Washington is a collection of distinctive entertainment venues and attractions that create a unique environment for all to enjoy.  Whether you want to sample some tasty wines, attend an incredible performance, or rock out to your favorite band, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Walla Walla, WA.  Check out this guide to Walla Walla nightlife to find your new favorite place to spend a wonderful evening!

Where to Go for the Best Walla Walla Nightlife

1. Main Street Studios

A favorite spot of many visitors and locals alike, Main Street Studios is one of the best venues you can visit in the state.  They host a wide variety of spectacular shows, such as concerts, stand-up comedy, and much more.  Take a look at their calendar to see what they have in store and plan to enjoy a night out on the town at this beloved performance venue.  

2. Gesa Power House Theatre

If thrilling entertainment is what you’re craving, check the upcoming events at the Gesa Power House Theatre!  Here you’ll find an amazing spectrum of different shows and performances that all audiences love.  Magic shows, festivals, and concerts are just a taste of what goes on at this historic venue.  See what events they have coming up and mark your calendar today.  

3. Walla Walla Wineries

Some of the best nightlife can be found in the numerous Walla Walla wineries scattered throughout this scenic area.  Each winery and vineyard in Walla Walla has its own unique qualities and characteristics that make it a fantastic place to visit and spend time with friends and family.  Many of these wineries host events for the entertainment of the community, such as live music, wine tastings and dinners, release parties, and much more.  A few wineries that offer fantastic live music in Walla Walla, as well as other fun events, include Saviah Cellars, L’ecole Winery, Tero Estates and Kontos Cellars.  We know you will love tasting wine and watching performances from local bands and musicians, so start planning an evening out to a Walla Walla winery today!

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