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Take a Day Trip to the Monteillet Fromagerie

Full of one-of-a-kind attractions and marvelous scenery, the state of Washington is a dream vacation destination for just about anyone.  This region of the Northwest offers endless opportunities for fun and excitement.  Whether you want to hike to the peak of a towering mountain or embark on an entertaining wine tour with your special someone, you’ll find everything you need in Washington.  The Monteillet Fromagerie, located in Dayton, WA, is one spot that you should definitely add to your vacation itinerary.  Known for being one of the best Walla Walla cheese makers, this amazing farm offers a variety of things to do.  Discover how to have the best day trip to the Monteillet Fromagerie to make some unforgettable memories in the gorgeous Walla Walla Valley in Washington!  

How to Have the Best Day Trip to the Monteillet Fromagerie

1. Enjoy the Stunning Scenery

Tucked away in the lush Walla Walla Valley is the Monteillet Fromagerie, which consists of a beautiful, 32-acre farm and fromagerie.  Roam through these wide, spacious fields and revel in the quiet, peaceful environment.  There will be plenty of animals scattered throughout the farm, including goats, chickens, pigs, and ducks, so keep your eyes peeled for these creatures.  

2. Taste the Finest Cheeses

You’ve never tasted cheese like the ones created at the Monteillet Fromagerie.  These exquisite, hand-crafted cheeses are made from the Alpine goats and East Freisan-Lacaune sheep that live on their farm.  Each cheese varies in flavor and texture, so you can try a wide variety.  You can also sample these extraordinary cheeses at the Baa Baa Cheese Tasting Bar found in the Whoopemup Cafe in Walla Walla, WA, a local favorite.

3. Attend Events and Workshops

The Monteillet Fromagerie offers fun events and classes to both entertain and educate the local community.  Farm-to-table dinners, lectures, and hands-on agricultural workshops are just a few of the activities that are frequently held here.  Stay up-to-date with their seasonal events so you don’t miss out on all the fun!  
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