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The Vine Restaurant is one of the Best Walla Walla Restaurants

Discover One of the Best Walla Walla Restaurants

Experience the best restaurant near Walla Walla

The Vine Fine Dining, easily one of the most exquisite of all the restaurants in the Walla Walla and Tri-Cities areas, is located at the Cameo Heights Mansion. Though we aren’t located in the downtown core of Walla Walla, the 30-minute journey to our hotel and restaurant will be more than worth your time.  Not only is the food here simply delicious, but our scenic countryside estate offers an experience that you just don’t find at other Walla Walla Restaurants.

The Vine Restaurant is one of the Best Walla Walla Restaurants

The seven-course prix-fixe menu at The Vine restaurant is crafted with locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible and is sure to tantalize your tastebuds from start to finish. We also offer an extensive selection of local Walla Walla wines to compliment your meal.  The Vine restaurant also serves breakfast to outside guests (and, of course, to those guests lucky enough to stay here).  Some would say it’s the best breakfast in Walla Walla.  But I guess you’ll have to try it for yourself?

Not all diners that come to The Vine restaurant are lucky enough to be overnight guests at the Cameo Heights Mansion, though you probably will want to be as soon as you see our luxurious accommodations.  Guests from the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, and Hermiston areas come here to dine and enjoy our spectacularly beautiful estate.

A culinary experience like that you’d have at The Vine restaurant can be complimented by utilizing our Ride and Dine Service. We will happily serve as your designated driver for the evening, offering you affordable transportation to and from our property in a stylishly luxurious limousine. Book Your Reservation Now at The Vine Restaurant.

Other Great Walla Walla Restaurants

Though guest reviews and social media buzz about The Vine Restaurant certainly rank it as one of the best Walla Walla restaurants, there are other delicious establishments in the area worthy of your patronage, too.  Afterall, Walla Walla is more than just a great wine destination; it’s an incredible foodie haven as well!  A few of our favorite Walla Walla restaurants include the following:

  • The Walla Walla Steakhouse, whose owners have roots in Seattle’s famed steakhouse El Gaucho, is an upscale steakhouse worth visiting.  It’s housed inside the old Walla Walla Train Depot.
  • If you’re looking for a good burger, head to Crossbuck Brewing, owned by the same group as the Walla Walla Steakhouse.  Needless to say, it will satisfy even the pickiest of burger aficionados.
  • If you’re in town around lunchtime, stop in and enjoy a sandwich at Graze.  You can thank us for the recommendation at dinner at The Vine Restaurant later that night.
  • Want French Cuisine?  Head to Brasserie Four. You’ll instantly be transported to a Parisian Brasserie in both ambiance and menu.
  • If you’ve dined at Seattle’s Il Corvo, then you know just how incredible the menu at Passatempo Taverna is going to be.  Don’t miss this incredible Italian gem, which pairs so well with local Walla Walla wines.
  • Southern comfort with a Pacific Northwest flair is waiting for you at Hattaway’s on Alder.
  • For award-winning dining, service, and ambiance, we recommend heading to The Marc at Marcus Whitman Hotel.

For the time being, there are government mandates that limit seating capacity inside of all Walla Walla restaurants. Please make your dining reservations early so that you are assured of a seat at the table.

The Vine Restaurant at our hotel is one of the Best Walla Walla Restaurants

Relax at the Best Walla Walla Hotel

There’s so much great food (and wine) to enjoy in Walla Walla that you’ll want a few days, at least, to experience it all! Though we understand the appeal of staying in downtown Walla Walla, there’s nothing that matches the luxury experience you’ll have when you stay just outside of town at our incredible hotel. Cameo Heights Mansion truly has it all.  Whether it’s amenities you’re looking for, quality accommodations, exceptional hospitality, stunning views, and access to exceptional dining, you’ll find it here.  

Our small boutique size and stunning location are just a couple of things that set us apart from our competition.  For the rest, well, you’ll just have to see it for yourself.  We can’t wait to see you here dining at The Vine Restaurant this summer.  Book a room this summer or fall, and come experience a life of luxury at the Cameo Heights Mansion.