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Discover the #1 Romantic Getaway in Washington This Winter

Are you looking for somewhere romantic to curl up and get cozy this winter? Let us introduce you to our luxurious Walla Walla hotel, considered by many to be the most romantic getaway in Washington. Our hotel is located in the historic town of Walla Walla, in the heart of Washington’s exceptional wine country. Best yet, Walla Walla is only a few hours from major cities such as Seattle and Portland, making it an easy escape for the weekend!

You might be wondering what it is that makes Walla Walla such a wonderful place for a romantic getaway in Washington.  In part, it’s the many fun things to do in Walla Walla, even in the chilly months of winter. Wine tasting, is, of course, at the top of that list!  But there’s more to Walla Walla than just wine. There’s a delightful historic ambiance to the town of Walla Walla itself, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all this area has to offer.

While the chance to visit Walla Walla is great, what makes your trip better and turns it into the best romantic getaway in Washington is the opportunity to stay at a luxurious and elegant mansion.  Here, it’s all about the small details that we tend to, so you can do nothing but relax and enjoy the time away. There may be a lot of places to stay in Walla Walla, but none that give you the same romantic ambiance of Cameo Heights Mansion!

Our Walla Walla hotel is beloved by all through travel through these doors. There are still some openings this winter, too, but you’ll need to act fast before those disappear.  Book your room at our Walla Walla hotel today, and enjoy the most romantic getaway in Washington.

Our Favorite Things to do in Walla Walla This Winter

As far as planning the most romantic getaway in Washington goes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better destination than our Walla Walla hotel. Whether you feel like braving the cold or would rather stick to wine tasting and other indoor adventures, there’s plenty for you to enjoy here for a weekend.

The #1 Most Romantic Getaway in Washington

Here are 8 fun things to do in Walla Walla this winter, all of which you should consider adding to make your romantic getaway in Washington one for the ages:

  1. Wine-tasting – the most obvious of all the things to do in Walla Walla – is always at the top of our list! The winter actually offers some exceptional opportunities for wine tasting, without the busy crowds of summer and fall.
  2. Get outside for some adventure, and going skiing at Bluewood.  If you’re not into downhill skiing or snowboarding, you can strap on some Nordic skis and head out for a cross country adventure at Bennington Lake. Boot and ski rentals are available at the Whitman College Rental Shop or at Dusty’s.
  3. When the snow starts to fly, you’ll start to see sleds careening down just about every hill in Walla Walla. Andie’s Prairie is one such place, and we promise it’s just as fun for the adults.
  4. Wander the streets of downtown Walla Walla, making sure to stop in at the charming boutiques along the way. When you need to warm up and take a break, there are some delightful coffee shops that make for the perfect cozy afternoon treat.
  5. Enjoy an incredible meal at one of Walla Walla’s top restaurants, such as our very own The Vine Restaurant.
  6. If you’re looking for solitude in this wintry wonderland, there’s no better place to turn to than the stunning Blue Mountains, which offer many miles of pristine trails for snowshoe adventures.
  7. Enjoy Walla Walla’s annual Holiday Barrel Tasting Weekend, which celebrates the season with a chance to taste the next great vintages straight from the barrels. It will take place on December 4 – 6, 2020.
  8. Enjoy the plentiful amenities at our Walla Walla hotel, including our luxurious spa, a soothing hot tub, our game room, our expansive property, and so much more.

The #1 Most Romantic Getaway in Washington

Where to Stay for the Best Romantic Getaway in Washington

You might find yourself wondering what it is that makes our Walla Walla hotel one of the best romantic getaways in Washington State. From the moment you arrive at our hotel, you’ll feel the difference.  We are anything but your standard hotel chain.  We offer comfortable, luxe accommodations, unbeatable service and hospitality, and extensive amenities that work in concert to ensure no detail is left untended.

Every morning will start with a delicious breakfast, either enjoyed in our on-site restaurant or from the privacy of your own room overlooking the orchards or pool. In the evening, take in a dramatic Walla Walla sunset and savor a romantic dinner for two in our world-class restaurant, rated as one of the best in Walla Walla. These private, indulgent moments are what your romantic getaway in Washington is all about. Book your hotel room in Walla Walla soon!