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What You Need to Know about the Blue Mountains in Washington

The state of Washington is filled with so many wonders. If you’re planning an exciting vacation to this wonderful portion of the Northwest, you might come across the Blue Mountains during your research. This is a popular attraction in Washington that constantly draws a multitude of visitors and locals alike. If you have questions about this area, such as “Where are the Blue Mountains located?” or “What are some fun things to do in the Blue Mountains of Washington?,” you’re in luck! Take a look at the list below to learn all about the Blue Mountains of Washington and add this spot to your vacation itinerary today.

3 Things You Need to Know about the Blue Mountains of Washington

1. Where are the Blue Mountains of Washington?

The Blue Mountains are a mountain range that spans from northeastern Oregon to southeastern Washington. The area of this mountain range totals to 4,060 square miles.

2. What Are Some Things to Do in the Blue Mountains of Washington?

With stunning scenery and breathtaking natural features, the Blue Mountains are the perfect setting for a multitude of different activities in the great outdoors. Take a peek into what recreation this mountain range has to offer:
Blue Mountains Washington Hiking: Tucked away in the Blue Mountains is the Umatilla National Forest.  his spacious area encompasses over one million acres, containing countless trails for hiking and biking. There are even spots here where you can go white water rafting!
Blue Mountains Washington Elk Hunting: The Blue Mountains are home to one of the largest herds of Rocky Mountain elk in the entire country. This abundance of big game draws a large number of hunters to this area to see if they can bag the biggest buck!
Blue Mountains Washington Skiing: Perched at the top of the Blue Mountains is Ski Bluewood, the perfect place for enjoying winter sports in this amazing area! They offer plenty of trails and recreation areas so you can sharpen your skills.
Blue Mountains Washington Wildlife: This protected mountain range is the ideal habitat for a wide variety of different birds, animals, reptiles, and countless other organisms.  Thanks to the efforts of the Blue Mountain Wildlife Center and the Blue Mountain Audubon Society, you can observe many various species here while you’re exploring the Blue Mountains of Washington.
While you’re in this area, be sure to stop by the Blue Mountain Lavender Farm! This gorgeous attraction offers plenty of additional things to do, including their famous annual festival, Lavender Days.

3. Where Should I Stay While Visiting the Blue Mountains of Washington?

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