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Have the Best Day Ever at the Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge

Do you love exploring the great outdoors? If you’re planning a trip to the great Northwest, you need to spend time in the Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge! Learn all about this attraction and add it to your vacation itinerary today.

Everything You Need to Know About the Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge

What Is It?

This wildlife refuge was established all the way back in the year 1909 by President Theodore Roosevelt. Originally created as a safe habitat for a variety of birds and waterfowl, the Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge is now home to countless different creatures. This refuge has three different sources of water and plenty of plant life, so these animals have everything they need to thrive in this environment.

Where Is It?

The Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge is located in Umatilla County, Oregon. The refuge is open from sunrise to sunset and parking is provided. Please note that in order to keep this area as close to nature as possible, there are no welcome centers or restrooms (port-a-potties are provided, though).

What Can You Do There?

There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy during your visit to the Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge! Wildlife observation is one of the main things to do here. There are so many different species that inhabit this area, so bring along your binoculars or a camera and see what you can spot! There are also trails here where you can go hiking, biking, or even horseback riding. Hunting and fishing are allowed here as well- just be sure to take a look at Oregon’s rules and regulations before you go.

Other Nearby Places to Visit

The states of Washington and Oregon are filled with numerous wildlife refuges in order to help protect the lives of the many animals that have made their homes here! If you love spending time in the Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge, be sure to visit some of the other nearby refuges as well. The McNary Wildlife Refuge in Burbank, WA, is a beautiful area on the banks of the Columbia River that contains all kinds of creatures, including the gorgeous American White Pelican. The Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge is another great place to spend a day in the Northwest- it is home to all kinds of creatures, from badgers to burrowing owls.

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