Cameo Heights

Wifi reciever - "wap" outside

WiFi at Cameo Heights Mansion

wap-inside.jpg.289x216_defaultWIFI IS EXCELLENT at the Mansion: Thanks to 509 Geek and Columbia REA, we are state of the art with our WiFi. We have four WAP’s (WiFi Access Point) in strategic locations inside and outside our mansion so that you can stream movies, music, and serf the internet at fast speeds of 20 mbps up and 20 mbps down in any room or any spot within & even outside on the patio/pool area of the Mansion. If you have ever stayed here and wished for faster WiFi, wish no more, we have it now!

With WiFi, you are either in or you are out!

When you are considering WiFi, there are really only two ways to go:
1, Have no internet or telephone service and advertise yourself as a real escape from the pressures of always being online.
2. The other side of the coin is to provide total electronic access service. But if you choose this approach, and this is the best approach, then you have to commit to provide fast service. Slow service, for many guests, is worse than no service at all! Incoming guests will have chosen to come to your site because you advertise wifi. When businesses advertise they have provide wifi, it HAS to have minimum levels of speed and quality similar or better than what most of them are accustomed to in their own neighborhoods.
We chose the latter and are pleased to announce that our latest upgrade allows us to confirm that we are providing the kind of service our electronic savvy guests expect.
couples-massage.jpg.289x216_0_33_2004Let me be clear however. We actually expect that the purpose of your visit is to reconnect with your spouses. And providing a romantic setting for that to happen is our perpetual and primary focus. But for most couples there are moments when surfing the internet happens…and it better happen fast. I think we can promise you that now as well.