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You Will Love Exploring the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park

Towering mountains, rushing rivers, and tumbling waterfalls make up the stunning scenery of the state of Washington. The Walla Walla area, especially, is filled with abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. There are numerous state parks and wilderness areas that are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors of this magnificent state. One particular spot that is not to be missed is the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park. A beloved attraction for many reasons, this park is a fantastic option for anyone drawn to adventure. It’s also rich in history, as the explorers Lewis and Clark themselves visited this very spot in the early 1800s. Take a look at why you need to visit the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park and start making your travel plans today!

Everything You Need to Know About the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park

Where It Is

The Lewis and Clark Trail State Park is located in Dayton, Washington, just a little over thirty minutes away from Walla Walla. Found on the banks of the Touchet River, this state park encompasses 37 acres of beautiful, forested land.

Things to Do and See

This quiet, peaceful park is heaven to those who love soaking up the sights and smells of nature. The Lewis and Clark Trail State Park offers hiking trails, so stretch your legs and stroll along this winding path that features views of the local wildlife. You can also enjoy fishing and swimming in the river that runs throughout this park (it’s filled with plump rainbow trout!). There’s also a ball field, restrooms, and picnic area, making the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park an excellent choice for all ages.

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Where to Stay in Walla Walla, WA

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