Cameo Heights

Fireplace Switch

Our New Fireplace Switches are Now Quiet!

You asked for it…You got it!

Replacing the fireplace switchRemember the switch on the left–the one that was the nasty noisy timer switch for the fireplace? Want to buy 10 of them at a very good price?
The ugly picture on the right is a view of a switch (pun intended) taking place at the Mansion in all the suites.
Though we seldom get any suggestions for improvement these days, one that has occurred rather frequently, quite deservedly, is that the timer switches that turn on the fireplace had an annoying tick to them. (They were a windable spring mechanical timer with a dog in it that ticked as it counted down.) I did not like them, but I did not know how to do it differently because there was no power at that location, or nearby, to feed an electronic switch, or so I thought. I finally solved it by cutting a few holes in the wall, grabbing power wherever I could and by using a motorized electronic timer with a normally open relay, and VIOLA!–all the fireplaces turn on quietly. You set it for 60 minutes and go to sleep watching TV, knowing it will shut off when it times out.
I love the appearance and operation of this new switch.  If your experience was disturbed ever so slightly by the annoying tick of the timer, please know that it will never happen again!
New fireplace switchThis next picture is, of course, the same English Tudor after the switch overhaul. This is what the typical new switch arrangement looks like in each room after it is finished. (The switch on the left is the new fireplace timer.) No more noisy ticker here or a fireplace that stays on and overheats the room until even the coffee is hot. Nothing but a simple silent push button switch.
And a technician came out today to help me make the flames brighter where it needed to be.  I am very excited about the change because I know that you will be.
These latest improvements pretty well address the only remaining displeasures guests have mentioned in terms of their experience at the mansion. All that remains I guess is pure PLEASURE!
Winter is now even a more perfect time to visit the Mansion. Pick a chilly winter night on purpose and bring your sweetie to Cameo Heights Mansion to cuddle beside the cozy (and silent) fireplace watching your favorite movie bedside at the Mansion.  I don’t think you can beat it for a romantic retreat anywhere.  Guests typically say, “You have thought of everything.” Of course we have tried, but mainly, we get our tips from suggestions you give when you leave. You will recall us asking, “Tell us something we can do to improve.”  With this current change, I know there is at least one more thing that we will never hear again.
Our mantra is:  “A perfect experience for every guest, every time.” Like Vince Lombard said, “Of course, achieving perfection is impossible, but if you relentlessly pursue it, you will catch excellence along the way.”  We still have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep it interesting, but we execute every day such that we hope no guest ever leaves here dissatisfied that theirs was not an excellent experience. You have our personal guarantee of that.
Spanish Suite Fireplace

Don’t squander a single night you might have spent at CHM!