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Everything You Need to Know about the Pioneer Park of Walla Walla

Walla Walla’s vibrant, picturesque scenery is one of its most distinct and attractive qualities!  Wide-open spaces, beautiful vineyards, and majestic mountains set the ideal backdrop for an incredible adventure in the great outdoors.  With its abundance of space, there are numerous parks for both visitors and locals alike to spend time in the wonderful Walla Walla weather.  A favorite local spot is the Pioneer Park in Walla Walla, which contains some unique and entertaining features that people of all ages can enjoy.  Being the oldest park in town, the Walla Walla Pioneer Park history adds character to this gem of Washington state.  Learn all about this amazing part in the lovely city of Walla Walla and make plans to visit while you’re in town.

4 Things to Do at the Pioneer Park in Walla Walla

  1. Play Games

With a spacious amount of land that totals 15 acres, there is more than enough room to play sports with your friends and family at the Pioneer Park in Walla Walla!  In addition to a playground for kids, this park also contains volleyball courts, a soccer field, tennis courts, and softball fields.

  1. Go for a Walk

There is so much to see in this historic park!  Take advantage of the many walking paths in the Pioneer Park of Walla Walla and take a stroll to see all the highlights of this area.  You’ll be able to spot a stately gazebo, historic cannon, rose garden, numerous trees, and several ponds.  If you want to have a wedding in the Pioneer Park of Walla Walla, the wedding fountain here is frequently used for elegant, outdoor ceremonies.  Don’t forget to stop by the Pioneer Park Garden Center of Walla Walla!

  1. Visit the Aviary at Pioneer Park

The Aviary at Pioneer Park allows visitors to view a variety of different bird species- all in one place!  See birds of all shapes and sizes here; a few birds you’ll be able to meet include the Golden Pheasant, the Indian Blue Peafowl, the Mandarin Duck, the Coscoroba Swan, and the Hawaiian Goose.

  1. Attend the Pioneer Park of Walla Walla Events

Being such a large and attractive park, this area is a great outdoor venue for a variety of different types of entertainment.  Some of the events held here include the Spring Fling, which is a fun festival that features shows, vendors, games, and much more.  The Pioneer Park Walla Walla 4th of July is another famous event; completely free of charge to the public, this festival will celebrate our country’s independence through games, entertainment, food, and, of course, a fireworks show!
If you want to see more of Walla Walla’s many historic sites, be sure to stop by the Fort Walla Walla Museum during your visit!

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